Friday, April 11, 2014

{Friday Five: Kickstarters, Hanging Tables, and Kentucky}

Happy Friday! 

It's time for another addition of: The Things Lelia's Loving This Week! 

1. Corilynn Kickstarter

It's no big shock, but I love me some Corilynn! She's just the cutest thing ever, and I secretly wish I could be her sewing slave...better start learning how to sew! 

Well her super cute clothing line is on Kickstarter! Such a huge deal! After a little begging and pleading {not really...Wendel loves to support new businesses} Wendel let me buy one item! 

The Capri Dress will be in my closet sometime in July and I cannot wait! 

2. Spring Planting

It's spring...I'm ready for spring planting! So so ready for spring planting! My school does a flower sale, and I can't wait for pick up day and all the fun that will follow!

3. Hanging Tables

This hanging table makes my heart pitter-patter. I have no clue how I can make this happen for a party...but I will...and it will be amazing! 

Meet Tara...she's super cute and I love catching her daily looks! She has such a fun style and I would wear literally every look she puts together! 

5. Kentucky Everything

I'm a big fan of all things Kentucky, but this ring just has my heart singing {my heart is making lots of noises this week!} 

Ya'll I have a SUPER exciting giveaway for Monday and you're going to be SO excited! 

Be on the lookout!

Have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. I wish I had more green space but, alas, my potted plants and cut flowers will have to brighten up my apartment for now. Have a lovely weekend!

    Suppose Anything Goes

    1. Haha well the deer always eat anything I it kind of defeats the purpose...but I never learn...I still plant things! Have a good one!!

  2. I need your help! I am dying to order this dress, and I can not for the life of my figure out how to do it!!!!! lol! I need a tutorial on those one.:)

    1. So it was a kickstarter and they were fully funded on Friday {I think} but I'm sure they'll be for sale on her website soon. I won't get mine until July :(