Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Wendel's 27th Birth Week...Again}

Wendel's Birth Week was pretty epic...I'll admit it! 

Monday was Saint Patrick's Day, so we celebrated with some green things, some rainbow things, and buffalo chicken tacos {which have nothing to do with Saint Patrick's's just one of Alex's favorite meals}

Super Irish...Guinness and Lucky Charms...

The next day, Wendel came home from work to a full on Nerf war. It was intense...not really. 

Side note: is it weird that we already owned 100% of the things necessary for a Nerf war...including Nerf shirts? 

We also did a Walk Down Memory Lane...which you can check out here

And went for Moe's {one of our favorites} which I didn't document...oops! 

But Friday Night, we had the night Alex had been dreaming of since last year's birth week...

Pizza, wings, bourbon, and presents! 

But the presents couldn't just be had to be a game! 

So pretty much he had to follow the different colors of yarn to find his present. 

And to also fill of my sweet husband's love tank, I gave him lots of words of affirmation which just happened to be clues to the gifts: a new knife {protector}, a new nice shirt {shirt off of your own back}, Red's hat {head on straight} and new shoes {walking through life}

Then I made a little bourbon flight for him. He loves bourbon, so this is just a fun way to enjoy one of his favorites. I bought a few mini bottles of the nicest kinds, and then added in his favorite {Woodford} so he could blind taste test five different bourbons. Shocker...he picked out Woodford as his favorite! 

Then we pizza and wings commenced...which was followed by many tums! We eat pretty healthy, so this treat was giving us some serious heartburn! 

On Wendel's actual birthday we went to dinner downtown with Wendel's parents. They treated us to Ruth Chris Steakhouse and oh my word is was a treat! 

{Outfit details will be on the blog Friday!}

These sweet them so very dearly! 

Then to end out birth week, we had a cereal party with my family! 

Easiest. Party. Ever! 

Everyone brings their favorite cereal, get some milk and fruit and you're ready to go! 

We wore jammies to carry out the theme! 

We decided Wendel needed to try every single cereal in one bowl...and you bet he finished that puppy! 

Fruity Pebbles in a pretty ice cream dish...perfection! 

And a doughnut tower was VERY necessary! 

This picture makes my heart grow three times bigger! 

It was a pretty perfect week! I loved gushing over this man of mine, but I was pretty exhausted! 

What fun traditions do you have in your families to celebrate birthdays?? 

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