Thursday, September 27, 2012

{Real Life...}

So life has been nuts! For real! 

I have so many things to share, but just don't have the time {or patience} to write a post about them!

So I thought I'd be real with ya'll and show you what our house currently look like due to the following things...

- DIY projects that have't really been put away

- Half decorating for fall. 

- Mid-pool closing madness

- A bunch of things for our big paint/floor redo coming up... 

Check it's embarrassing! 

A Christmas project that I'll be featuring in the near future! 

Stuff that needs to go to mom/fall decorations that haven't gotten up/randomness that I put places...

The office is a disaster with master bedroom stuff! We decide to nix the TV from the we need to fun a spot for this puppy. 

Our ironing board is the location for the xbox, a shirt that needs to be ironed, left over fabric, and paperwork that needs to be filed...need to put things away! 

These fill almost every wall in our home...ahh the love of picking the "perfect" paint color! 

The tarp that we used to cover our bed while painting has been like this on the back porch for...a while now...

Yes...those are some mats that we use to protect out feet from the hot deck...that are now floating in the pool...lovely...

In the background, there is some left over wood from the Dress Up box Wendel made for my classroom...almost a month ago...

These pool things have been here for WEEKS...why they haven't gotten to where they're supposed to go is beyond me! 

So pretty much we're living in my own personal hell! I hate having mess/clutter, and need to get on the ball! Soon enough! 

Sorry I'm majorly slacking on the blog front...I'll figure this whole working/major DIY projects/blogging thing out soon enough! 

Side note...made this low calorie lasagna soup tonight and it was DELICIOUS! 

Oh! And Wendel and I are going to May...we got our little book today and I.Can't.Wait! 

Okay! Be back tomorrow with an outfit post all about my favorite teacher looks for fall! 

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