Friday, September 14, 2012


The end of summer...then beginning of fall...I call if Fummer. 

It's ironic for multiple reasons because this time of year is kind of a bummer for the clothing department. 

Don't get me wrong...I'm loving it slowly getting cooler, but I just don't know how to dress for this weather! 

It's pretty stinkin' cool when I head out to school, but then it's hot when we get out! Annoying right? 

All I want to do it wear my jeans, sweaters, and boots...but that just can't happen yet. 

I'm also, in general, a skirt/dress lover. I very rarely wear pants in the summer because the thought of something surrounding my legs {specifically shinnies} makes me claustrophobic {weird I know!} 

One my kiddos this week sweetly said "Ms. like skirts a lot don't you!" 

Too cute right, but I'm just ready to get 

So I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration for this strange time of year and this is what I came up with! 

Sorry that I have a pattern of jean bottom/purple sweater in this planned...didn't even realized until I went to look at the pictures. Funny how that happens sometimes right? 

Fummer Look #1

Layers of a tank and sweater with a classic jean skirt. 

Fummer Look #2

A short sleeved sweater with a scarf and my favorite pair of jeans. 

So tell me, what is you go-to look for this time of year? 

Are you holding onto summer and wearing shorts and tanks still? 

Or are you totally fall and wearing your boots and sweaters? 

Fill me in! 

Oh...and happy Friday! 

{Side note on a girl front...why is it that sometimes you just love the way you look and other times your just like "eh"...I'm have an "eh" day today. in the world do all "fashion bloggers" have stick thin's a paradox} 


  1. My mom always calls this time an Indian Summer. In Utah, the weather is probably about the same. It gets really chilly at night and in the morning, but gets up to 85 everyday still. I wore boots the other day and then went to the park in the middle of the afternoon with Eva and thought I was going to die. I keep telling myself I need to wear my summer clothes because by the end of Winter I'll be very sick of all my cold weather clothes.

    1. Yeah I did the same thing recently. Wore boots and almost freaked out because I was so hot! I'm soaking up my summery skirts while I can!

  2. I find that I usually stick to jeans and cute tops, and throw a cardigan on top of it if the mornings are too cool. I hear you about the fashion bloggers...I got junk in my trunk for days, and no one wants to see that!

    1. Yeah I'm a cardigan freak! My kids always tell me "Ms. Lelia you wear those sweaters a lot!" Our school is really cold so a cardigan is the perfect thing to throw on!