Friday, September 7, 2012

{San Fran}

Hey guys! outfit post this week! I'm getting everything ready for my first day on Monday! But I met my kids this past Tuesday and Oh. My. Word...they're precious! It's going to be an amazing year! Get excited for a post all about my room next week sometime!! 

But I did want to stop by and show you some shots of my recent trip to visit my brother in San Francisco with my mom! 


As you can see...I was super excited to be seeing my brother...but sad to be leaving Wendel! He had to stay home for work...sad day! 

We flew in late and got into San Fran around midnight San Fran time {3:00 AM Cincinnati time}

My brother's cute little house in South San Francisco.  

Our first day there! Shopping downtown! 

Driving the streets! Look at that hill! 

Heading across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Right next to the Golden Gate...loved this gorgeous view. 

We got pretty good at this shot. 

My brother works for we got lots of cool shots with the GoPro Hero2! Get excited for some GoPro photos in posts soon because my brother hooked us up! 

Then it was time for lunch. We found this cute little place called Bar Bocce right next to a sailboat dock. So delicious! 

Then we headed to Pier 39. 

Loved the cute little farmers market on the pier with the most amazing looking strawberries. We also loved The Left Handed Store {my mom, brother, and niece are lefties}

Then we headed to Ghiradelli to share a chocolate sundae! Just as delicious as it looks! 

Few! We were busy that first day! Needless to say we took a nap, got up to make/eat dinner, and then went to bed early! 

The next day we went to the GoPro offices {no picture...sad right?} and then headed for lunch at a taco place in San Mateo. 


Then we headed on a little drive to Half Moon Bay! 

We stopped at this spot to snap a few pictures of these gorgeous views!  

After driving around Half Moon Bay...we found this little beach and stopped to enjoy the sand but freeze our tooches off! 

Then we stopped for some drinks and appetizers at this cute little place right by the bay! 

Our little sampler tray! 

Then we drove all along the coast and enjoyed more of the amazing views! 

After that we went home and again...napped and then caught a movie! 

The next day was for Wine Country!! 

Our first winery! 

LOVED wine country! So warm and gorgeous! 

I'm not a big drinker. Period. Like really don't drink at all! And I really don't like red wine. But on this trip I found a red wine I actually enjoyed! It's called Fay {which is my mother-in-law's name-} and she's an expensive one! $95.00! 

What can I say? I must have good taste!  

Then on to the next winery! Our favorite! Paraduxx! 

Most amazing atmosphere! It felt like we were in someone's backyard! 

Lots of yummy wines and nibbles! 

Then it was time for a late lunch even though we stuffed ourselves of cheese and crackers! But anyhoo...weheaded to Mustard for an late lunch/early dinner.  

Look at how tall that meringue is! 

Would love to go here again...when I'm not so full of wine and nibblies! 

And again...another nap and then we went to the biggest Target I've ever seen to set Andrew's room/house up! 

Two stories! With an escalator for your cart! 

And yes...we bought him a vacuum cleaner...what can I say...I come from a line of OCD cleaners {aka my mom!} 

So Sunday we spend the morning cleaning! 

With a very important lunch break at In-N-Out Burger!! 

That evening we did a little shopping {found this cute Red's hat} and then made dinner for Andrew, his roommate, and his roommate's fiance. 

Then, we midnight! We were sad to leave Andrew {and slightly delusional because we were so tired!}, but we were excited to get back to our normal routines! 

Then after an entire day of traveling...we had to wait four more hours for our next flight! 

Then Alex and I had my niece's 14th birthday party at our! 

It was a busy few days, but so worth it! 

I didn't get to see The Full House house and I didn't get to ride a cute little we'll just have to go back! 

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