Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{A Nashville New Years}

So Wendel and I had the most incredible New Years with his family in Nashville! 

His parents took us, and Alex's sister and her husband to The Orpyland Hotel for a few nights of relaxing fun! 

This was the view from our balcony...

Our first night we had dinner in the hotel and walking around to take in the festive awesomeness! 

A tad blurry...but hello lights! 

So this Christmas tree was insane...and Wendel might have tried to get inside it...I pretended not to know him :) 

I like him...a lot! 

We headed outside for about three seconds {it was freezing} to check out the lights... 


Another from our balcony...

One morning, we headed out to the Pancake Pantry...and waited in the cold for one hour! 

Don't worry...it was delicious and so worth it! 

That night, we headed to the Pub in the Opryland for dinner...we also played Battle of The Sexes...if you haven't seen this game...go to Target and buy it! It's hilarious and so much fun to play with couples! 

New Years Eve day we headed downtown to do a bit of shopping! 

Then I found a hat shop...a precious vintage hat shop! And I fell in love! Everything was on sale...and I could have bought a dozen! I'll admit...I'm a hat person but have a hard time finding places to wear them. So I've decided to just do it! I bought one fancy hat {it's in that amazing hat BOX and you'll see it soon in a fashion post!} and then I went back and bought this cute little hat for our trip to Ireland this summer! 

It was pretty rainy, but people were already getting there for the evening festivities...that's commitment! 

That night we went for a fancy steak dinner! I got to wear a sparkly skirt {both shirt and skirt from Loft} and eat an amazing dinner with my beyond fabulous family! I have been so blessed to marry into this family! I have to pinch myself sometimes! 

We are going to Ireland as a family this August, so we decided to ring in the New Year at the Irish pub! It was perfect, and we were so sad to go home! But I'm excited for the year 2013...a lot of fun things will be happening this year!! 

I hope everyone had a great New Years {a month later} 


  1. How fun! I stayed at Opryland for a work conference last summer. WOuld you believe it when I said I was there in July, and they were ALREADY putting the Christmas lights on the trees outside?!?!
    BTW, LOVE the sparkly skirt outfit-I think that's my favorite one you've ever posted!

    1. Are you serious? We were wondering when they started! And thanks...I love this skirt! I'm trying to find a reason to wear it again soon :)