Friday, February 22, 2013

{Pinterest Challenge...Third Try}

I've tried to do the Pinterest Challenge two times...this is my third try. 

The first time...yeah...didn't happen. 

The second time...shocking...didn't happen! 

So this's going to happen! 

Dun dun dun...

On Saturday, our full day is devoted to finish this project...and by will be finished!

Hopefully :) 

I'm still going with this project...

We currently have a corn hole set that is in need of some love. 

Like I said...I actually already started this project...twice. 

This is what we started with...Bengals...

Not bad, but one of them is broken, and the paint is chipping pretty bad on both and one of the legs is broken, so it's time for a little re-vamp! 

I started by cleaning and pre-sanding with this deglosser that we use on pretty much everything we are going to paint. 

Then for some reason I decided to try to prime them with spray paint primer

This didn't work very well :) 

So my plan is to sand them really well with an orbit sander and then prime with actual paint primer. 

Then create a background...either stripes or chevron...or both...who knows! 

Then perhaps do a big "W" or our monogram...or something funny...not sure right now.

We'll see! 

I want to do colors that I would never use in our house...something super bright and who knows what I'll pick out! 

This is the weekend people...we're getting this done! 

Hopefully :) 

Anyone else attempting this challenge? 

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