Sunday, February 10, 2013

{Menu Planning: Week 3}

Hey Everyone! 

So sorry I slacked off this past week! I got a 48 hour bug and it was no bueno! 

It was the horrible achy, head ache  sore throat, no fever...but made me feel like "well I'm not throwing up so surly I can still do things!" Nope...not true! 

So I have lots of pictures to take and lots to share about our new tile {Yes it's installed and we have lots to share there!} 

In the mean time...I have our menu for this week! 

This week is crazy busy, but at least we'll be eating well! 

Sunday: Pasta and Turkey Meatballs {Jennie O homemade meatballs this time} 

{With these to make it extra special}

The rest of the week we are watching my sister's children while she and her husband are in New Orleans for a it's kid friendly food the rest of the week! Pray for us...a 15 y/o, 14 y/o, 4 y/o, and 1 y/o...Lord be with us! 

Wednesday: French Dip Sandwiches

Friday: Take Out Night

Saturday: Laura and Dan are home so either date night for us or pick up something and movie night! 

Sunday: I'm off on Monday so I'm sure we'll just do something easy and pasta-y

Happy Sunday...we're off to grocery and then Grammy's and Walking Dead! 

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