Monday, February 4, 2013

{Meal Planning: Week 2}

Happy Sunday! 

Before I fill everyone in on our menu for this week, I wanted to give a little weight loss update! 

This blog is all about being super real and honest with everyone! 

My weight loss post is one of my most viewed posts. 

Everyone likes to read about a success story! 

But many people leave it there and don't give real life updates...

Well I'm here to do just that! 

Be real. 

So I kept my 43+ pound weight loss off for over a year...through a wedding, honeymoon, broken hip {where I wasn't allowed to walk for 9 weeks}, and being a new teacher. 

But for some reason my second year has been harder! 

I must have gotten cocky and have gained about seven pounds...

Seven pounds...doesn't sound like a lot, right? 

But seven pounds would very easily turn into ten...then fifteen...then the dreaded twenty! 

So I'm getting back on track... weighing in every week and tracking my points hard core {I would usually track during the day and then forget to at night and and I guess get a little piggy} 

So yeah...I'll give you updates as we go along!! 

But let's get back to the real fun...what are we cooking this week? 

Tuesday: Egg Sandwiches
{this probably sounds weird but I've been craving an egg sandwhich and Wendel has class so this will be a fast and easy dinner!}
Thursday: Left Overs
Friday: Barbacoa Quesadillas 
Saturday: Valentine's Date Night
{We're babysitting my sister's kids the week of Valentine's so Wendel and I are celebrating early!}
Sunday: Family Dinner/Cereal Night

What do ya'll have cooking this week? 

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