Monday, February 4, 2013

{A Laid Back Weekend}

So this weekend was super laid back...just the way I like it! 

Friday, we watched my sister's kids for a few hours so she could go to the groceries and get things done! 

I only took one picture, but this cutie has stolen my heart! She just got a bunch of new books and got so excited when her book had a picture of "where Uncle Andrew lives!" 

So the new fun thing my nieces have figured out is that they can fit on the same tricycle and ride's too much cuteness for one tiny video! 

After babysitting we went home, made some pizza, and had a lazy Friday evening watching movies! It was perfect! 

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands...first stop...getting my husband a LONG over due hair cut! 

Saturday night we celebrated my sister's birthday with a delicious dinner! 

Here's my sweet, precious husband! I love how he indulges me and still gets dressed up for dinner with my family...he's wonderful! 

So my two youngest nieces are very into Ring Around The Rosie...and it's precious! I wish I got video of it because it's too cute for words! 

Then we came home to watch a movie and make these for my sweet Pre-Kers for Valentine's Day! Can't wait to pass them out! 

Sunday was Super Bowl and our church does a huge Super Bowl service! It's nuts! There is tailgating with yummy food, marching bands, and an over the top half time show! 

Mini sugar delicious! 

Here is what we saw when we came into church...

And this was the last bit of the half time show...insane! 

Then after church, I had open house at school...then after a nap I whipped up some snacks for the Super Bowl party we were heading to...

Mini Turkey Hoagies and Low Fat Creamsicle Cupcakes

And now it's Monday...and I'm already excited for next weekend! 

I hope everyone had a relaxing and safe weekend! 

We are getting tiled tomorrow...and I can not wait! So get ready to see some before and after pictures! 



  1. That still sounds like a pretty busy weekend to me! And a tailgate church service?!?! I think I may need to start that at our church!

    1. Haha yeah I don't think I understand the meaning of a real "laid back weekend"...I swear one of these days we'll really have a weekend where we do NOTHING! And yeah...this church is incredible!