Friday, August 3, 2012

{Inspired...Lilly's Style}

Oh my word! I first off need to say a huge thank you to the amazing messages, e-mails, and comments of encouragement I have gotten over my weight loss journey post! You all sure do know how to make a girl feel amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

So I wanted to stop by today to show you a new favorite fashion blog that I am oo-ing and ah-ing over lately! 

This woman is so flipping precious! She puts together outfits that are so do-able and I love drawing inspiration from her! Sometimes {okay maybe a lot recently} if I'm struggling to find an outfit, I go to her blog and scroll through until I see something that pops out! Love her, love her style, and love her writing! 

So today, I have two looks that were inspired by Lilly's Styled outfits! I did my own take on the outfits because: 

1. I didn't have something similar in my closet. 

2. It didn't feel comfortable to me. 

So these are my interpretations...while I would LOVE {and am currently dying for} a part of black Tory Burch flats...they just aren't in my closet currently. 

I had just gotten a yellow skirt similar to this when I saw this post, and immediately felt inspired! Literally pulled everything from my closet, and wore it to church that morning! 

Okay...a few things: 

1. My hair {mainly my bangs} was being super weird this day, and it makes me sad. 

2. I ran out of my normal eye shadow so I think I look even weirder... 

Okay...enough with the girly stuff! 

Skirt: Loft {Sale! Couldn't find this yellow color, they have they pink and a bunch of other colors!}; Tank: Forever 21 {love their tanks!}; Flats: Blowfish {old, but Blowfish is my go-to brand for teaching!}; Fedora: Target; Necklace: Target {old}. 

Now I really only wear my Fedora in the pool, but let's pretend I totally pull this look off in everyday life as well! 

I am ALWAYS cold where ever we go out and about, so I have a habit of bringing a sweater, or this jean jacket where ever we go! This was bought pre-weight loss, and needs to be taken in something awful {I have this pulled back with a clip for this shot!}

I just thought this was a really pretty shot. Out little shoots was just that...very fast! Like 5 minutes top! It's too hot for it it be any longer. So pretty much I stand their awkwardly until Wendel says we got a few good ones! 

I just found myself a pair of rose colored skinnies, and the very next day she posted this look...fate? I think so! 

I will be honest...didn't feel 100% "me" in this look and I kind of think it shows. But heck, I'm stepping out of that comfort zone people...not sprinting away from it! 

Actually...the more that I look at it...the more I don't like it haha...maybe some darker heels? Who knows! 

Skinnies: Forever 21 {recent}; Button Up: J. Crew {old}; Heels: Target {recent}; Necklace: Forever 21 {old{; Clutch {no clue}; Belt: American Eagle {High School I think!} 

So here we go! Two outfits inspired by the lovely Lilly of Lilly's Style! Go check her out! 


  1. I love the first outfit! I think the pants are close to your skin tone, so wearing nude heels makes it looks like you may not have any pants on :) Just keepin it real :) I think if you wore a pair of shoes that were darker colored, like your belt, it would look better.

    Also, I wore a pair of yellow skinny jeans the other first time wearing them! And I thought of you :)

    1. Yeah I agree...I wore it this weekend with some dark colored heels and it broke everything up! Liked it a lot more!!

      Love me some skinnes :)

  2. Aw Lelia, you're SO sweet! Thank you!
    Came across this post by accident and I'm so happy you like my blog/style.
    Love how you put your own spin on the outfits, made them you! Looking great :)