Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{A Little Honey Do/Don't List}

My mom and I are heading out today to go to San Francisco to see my brother! I'm super excited to:

1. See my brother- We're a very close family, and we haven't seen him since Memorial Day! Crazy! 

 2. Spend some time with my madre- Like I said...we're a very close family, and my mom is one of my best friends! She's a blast and we're sure to have a wonderful time! 

3. Do some traveling! I've been to San Francisco once when I was a junior in high school, but this time around we're going to do some driving on the coast and in wine country! 

There's only one downfall! Wendel couldn't come. He's busy with work, and doesn't have a ton of time I'm leaving the hubsters behind... 


But don't get me wrong...this man LOVES his down time! He is a quiet person in general, and I am...well...not! So having some time away from my hype and craziness is good for his soul! 

I'm not leaving him empty handed though! I did a few things to make him feel loved and cared for! 

First off, I made him a little care basket with all things that make him happy! I also threw in some of these super precious coupons from The Dating Divas to make him realize why I think he's kind of awesome!

Some gummy bears, Oreos, and Pringles...what else can a man want?

Oh and I also stocked the fridge with all things JUNK! Frozen pizzas {which he LOVES!}, frozen burritos {again...he loves them!}; Greaters Chocolate ice cream, and Metts. All things that we NEVER have around the house...and he will devour!

I think that marriage is an incredible thing...but it takes a lot of work! I am constantly trying to find ways to make Wendel feel loved and special. Especially because his main love language is Words of Affirmation {if you haven't done this with your spouse...stop what you're doing and do it! It has changed out relationship!} so giving him words of encouragement is very important {it's last on my I forget that's important sometimes..oops!}

Taking time before I leave to think of reasons why he is so special was a lot of fun! It's not just because I think he's really cute. He's a hard worker. He's an amazing uncle and son. He is a supportive and encouraging husband. What can I say...I'm a very blessed little lady! 

Blah, blah, blah...yuck right? I have to gush every now and then people!

Moving on! I also made him a little Honey Do list but with a little variation. 

When I went away for a girls weekend in Nashville, I made Wendel a Honey Don't List. All things not to do! 

However, this man is a do-er. He loves to get things accomplished and do things with his hands. So telling him not to do house work would be punishment! But all things in moderation right? So I gave him a little list of house things I would love to have done...and also threw in some fun things for him to do {i.e. order pizza, sleep in, and lay by the pool} 

All I did was type it in Word and decorate it with Sharpies...easy enough right? 

I hope these things keep him happy and feeling loved while I'm frolicking around in San Fran. 

Now on to the important things...who's been to San Fran? What shouldn't I miss? What should we eat? Fill me in people! 


  1. I'm also leaving this weekend, and you can bet that my freezer is stuffed full of oven pizzas!

    1. Sorry it took so long to Blogger App was not working...annoying! But yeah those boys are pretty easy to please right? Hope you had a great weekend!