Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Party Planning: Feathering The Nest Baby Shower}

My sister and I helped to throw a bridal shower this past weekend, and it made me think that I have not shared this shower I co-hosted with my mother-in-law for my cousin-in-law {no clue how exactly we're related, but she's Wendel's cousin's wife...I'll just call her a friend...which she is!}

They were going with more subtle pinks and browns in the "peanuts" room, so when I saw this adorable printable invitation set from Frog Prince Paperie {They are fabulous! Go and check them out!} I knew this was the starting off point for a fantastic baby shower! 

The invitations kind of set the "tone" of the party so we went with a "feathering the nest" theme! Which meant I had tons of fun hunting around in thrift stores for old bird houses and little birdies, and then spray painting them white until my heart's content! 

I like to set the tone from the moment they hit the door, and I LOVE balloons! Some may think they're cheesy...I think they're festive! Potato, Patato right? 

I also had some old chalk boards in the basement, so we used those to greet the guests! 

When they walked in, this is what everyone saw! 

Pictures don't do it justice {again...who wants to help me figure out our camera?} but I have some close ups too! 

We did name tags because there were lots of people there and not everyone knew each other. We just thought we would save the awkwardness and do name tags! 

I love this picture frame from Hob Lob, and use it in almost every shower I host! 

How cute is this vintage chalkboard? It was in my bedroom growing up! Lots of letter practice happened on this board. 

We had everyone write little notes to the peanut for her to read when she grows up. They were really sweet and showed how much loved this little one is going be surrounded by. 

So "Tweet"...everyone kind of made fun of me because I ran with this whole "tweet" thing. Hey...when I have a theme I stick to it! 

We created little "vignettes" all over the room with bird cages/houses, apothecary jars with beans in them, little white birdies, and green moss pads that I found at The Dollar Tree. 

As I mentioned in my Fourth of July post, I am a huge believer in fresh flowers. I think we maybe spent $30.00 in fresh flowers for all over, but they really added a lot to the whole ambiance of the shower. 

I have this low table that I used to scrapbook on in high school. I brought it for people to sit at for games which turned into a coloring table for the little ones. The favors for the two games we played were in the pink boxes (chocolates in one and nail polish in the other) 

I made these little paper clip birds using this tutorial. I LOVED them! So easy, and I think they're adorable! 

We played two fun little games. 

The first was to see who could find a baby name that started with every letter in the alphabet the fastest. Of course all of the teachers won this game! 

The second game was matching up baby "terms" with their corresponding candy bar. We had a good laugh with a few of them! 

As a favor, we gave everyone a Gladiolus bulb to plan in Emma's name. We had a few left over so I planted six, and they grew nice and big this summer...just as Emma did! 

Mason Jars. Stripy Straws. Can't get any better than that! 

These mason jars were on sale on Kmart.com a month before the shower, so I bought 48 of them (four sets) and have used them a ton! For drinks, for flowers, for silverware holders. Lots of ways to use these beauties! 

And Shop Sweet Lulu...if you haven't used this resource...you need to...soon! They have the cutest things and great prices! I LOVE their stripey straws, cupcake wrappers, and just about everything else! I'm currently swooning over these

Strawberry Lemonade of course! 

Gerber Daises, Hydrangeas...can't get more baby and spring than that! 

We went very simple for food. Some different "salad" sandwiches {tuna, chicken, pimiento} and a few cold salads. 

We also used all of my mother's glass dishes. We are big fans of actually using all of the pretty dishware and flatware that you have. Get 'em out ladies! Use those beauties! 

Sweet Potato Salad...yes...it was delicious! 

Waldorf Salad...who's getting hungry? I sure am! 

I found this cute little tiered candy dish! We filled it with Hershey kisses...yum! 

Them came the most important part...the Dessert bar! 

I always try to have three different flavors of sweets on a dessert bar. We had mini strawberry cupcakes, chocolate cake pops, and lemon bars. 

I love using different cake domes and books to create different levels for the desserts. 

We also did a little "photo booth"

{Note to self...make sure you fabric is extra wide for a photo booth!} 

I ran out of pictures for this collage...so yes...Wendel made it on there three times! Only boy in there...and he's in there three times! A little strange, no?

The "tweet" "tweet" mama! She really is the sweetest person and is one amazing mama! 

Katie, thanks for letting Faye and I host your baby shower! We had a blast, and I hope you enjoyed everything! 


  1. Everything is absolutely precious! I love all of the sweet touches for this shower. It's just beautiful. I love reading your blog and seeing all of the creative things that you come up with!

    1. You are so sweet!! It was so fun to plan a baby shower because I'm so used to bridal showers!! Thanks for the encouraging words!