Thursday, August 9, 2012

{Meet Dos...The New Car}

So many of you may not be aware, but my husband Alex {I have called him Wendel-our last name- for that's how I usually refer to him as} and I were in a pretty decent car wreck in May of this year. 

I wrote a very detailed post about the wreck with lots of pictures, but had to take it down for legal reasons. So once all of that is sorted out, I'll put it back up. 

To make a long story short, a car hit us head on and I broke my hip. Nine weeks later, I was finally able to walk and thankfully have had no big issues since then! {Wendel had stitches and has actually had more issues than I have...go figure!} 

Anyhoo...our car was totaled. Like crazy totaled! Needless to say...we are very, very blessed that I am alive to write this post! 

The silver lining of this whole thing is that...we got to get a new car! Woo hoo! 

We were going to be replacing this car {thank heavens we were in this car and not our new-ish Corolla} next year because we are needing a more kid-friendly car for the kiddos that will soon enough {not for a while people...} fill our home! 

Let the car hunting process begin! 

To say Wendel was more into the car hunting process than me was a bit of an understatement. He could have hunted for hours in a day! It was exhausting! 

Probably because of these puppies! Car shopping and crutches do not mix! With just our luck, the car we were looking at would be in the back corner of the lot...lovely! 

To make a super drawn our story short, we were in a 2005 Ford Escape when we got in our wreck. That baby did everything is was supposed to do in a wreck to keep us safe! If it hadn't done those things...we probably would have been killed.

Now let me just say on thing. We were looking for a car for TOTALLY different reasons than we have ever car shopped. We were shopping for safety features! Period. The look, the interior, the gas millage...bottom of our list. We wanted a car that would be safe for us, and our future family.

We know this is a new car, and there are not tons of ratings out about this car, but the safety features are amazing! The only reviews there are, are nothing but we were feeling good! 

I just kept looking in the back seat, and imagining two sweet little ones sleeping in their car seats. Would this car be good enough, and safe enough for them? If there was a shadow of a doubt....I bolted out of the door!

So...after lots of looking and chatting we decided on the...

Brand spankin' new 2013 Ford Escape!

Totally updated, and renovated!

Pretty! This puppy is amazing!

I won't go into all of the reasons we picked it, but we decided without a doubt, that this was our next car!

Then we went to order it and were told it would take 6-8 weeks to get the car/color/upgrades that we wanted...

Wom, Wom Wom...

So for about 7 weeks we were a one car family. Hard, but we made it! 

Last Friday...we got to pick our baby up!! We were thrilled that this time to the dealership was to actually pick up our pretty car! 

Meet Dos (our second Escape)...she's a beauty! We are in love, and I think Alex would sleep in it if I didn't like cuddling with him so much!  

I love this sweet, awkward man of mine! 

{He was not happy about taking a solo picture...can you tell?}

Woo hoo!! 

Look all of the pretty buttons! We're still trying to figure everything out! 

Then we headed for a celebratory dinner at P.F. Changs one of our all time favorites! 

Pretty awesome Friday date night huh? New car, and P.F. Changs! Score! 

Anyone else looking at buying a car anytime soon? 

{Side note...we know there are recalls on the 2013 Ford Escape, but we got a 2.0 Liter and those are on the 1.6 no worries there!}


  1. YAY for new cars! This is super cute too-I didn't know they revamped the Escape for the 2013 model, but I really like it. You should go over to my blog-I gave you a little shout out on Friday's post :)

  2. Ooo thanks! I'll go check it out now!

  3. Kudos on the new car! One defensive driving tip I can offer as a mom, aside from always wearing your seatbelts, is to always prepare yourself for different traffic and weather conditions. Check the weather forecast before you leave, and plan alternate routes if need be. Better yet, stay indoors if necessary.

    Kerstin Shed

    1. Thanks for the comment! We are defiantly a lot more sparse drivers...only go out when we have to! It's crazy because you put your life in someone else's hands when you drive! Scary stuff! Thanks for reading!

  4. Well, being careful would really make a difference. Make sure you have all loose objects in the car secured. Be courteous to other drivers. Check your fluid levels weekly. Check your oil, water, transmission fluid and glass cleaner fluid. And do not drive when sleepy. Park somewhere safe to take a short nap. You can’t doze off while driving on the road. I wouldn’t want you to go through life and not take pleasure in the joys of travelling. ;)

    Tyra Shortino

  5. Sorry to hear what happened. But it is good that the 2005 Ford Escape safety feature did what it is known for. Which I why I understand why you chose to have the same model again for your new car. For me, it is actually a good choice for people who want safety from their car. It has stability control, a technology that automatically senses when the vehicle is no longer capable of handling the speed and the movements dictated by the driver, and reduces the engine power to prevent loss of control.

    @Ivo Beutler

  6. I’ve heard a lot of people say that your next car is mostly based on your present car in terms of features, design, and whatnot. But wow, I have to say that your situation’s very different! Being in a car accident can be very traumatic, which can cause the people affected to avoid riding new cars altogether. I have to say that you’re amazing for learning on your experiences, and you were rewarded well. Stay safe out there, Lelia!

    Patrick Gauer

  7. Cool! I get the impression that this is a great replacement for your car. And I'm sure that with this new car, you were able to move on from what happened – this is obvious in your photos, which show you and Alex are truly happy.

    Maria Wegner

    1. We are very happy with our decision! Thanks for the comment!

  8. Congratz on the new car! Your pictures make it seem like you're really enjoying its company. I decided recently to buy a new car since my Toyota is pretty worn out. I'd prefer an SUV this time around. Ford has done a really great job in revamping the aesthetics of the Ford Escape. I’m having a hard time choosing between it and the new Honda CRV model. I hoping to decide soon.

    Timmy Radloff