Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{A Romantic Stay-Cation}

So Alex and I didn't get to really celebrate our first anniversary because of our little wreck. So I planned a surprise stay-cation for us this past weekend!

We are so blessed to live in a wonderful city with tons to do! The Revolving Restaurant {360 Restaurant} is a fancy shmancy restaurant that is on the top floor of the Radisson Hotel in Covington, KY and rotates 360 degree during your meal. It's the perfect place to experience all of the beauties of Cincinnati.

So I made reservations for both dinner and a hotel stay, and set up a little scavenger hunt for Wendel.

{Okay, so the plan was for him to do this scavenger hunt and his last stop be the restaurant. I would be at the table waiting for him, and it would be awesome. Well I was so busy with school/a bridal shower/ this date that I didn't get everything together in time. So what really happened was I went with him to all of the stops, and we just went to our reservation together. Not as dramatic as I planned...but oh well!}

First know you have a very big {amazingly good} problem when you can't pick out which husband-bought sparkly jewelry to wear on a date night. It's a tough life I live!

So I am a huge fan of rhyming poems. I struggled this time around because I was on a time no making fun!

Clue Number 1:

Tonight I have something special planned,
Just follow all the clues.
Eventually you'll see my face,
At a very, very special place.

Go to the guest room,
And get all dressed up.
In the pocket you'll find a clue,
Which will tell you what to do.

I had his clothes all laid out, and the next clue in the back pocket of his pants.

Clue Number 2:

Wow you're lookin' good,
I know this is certainly true.
But now you need to do some chores,
Things that will make me love you more!

So head over to Party Source,
And go to the checkout lane.
There you'll be given your next clue,
Which will lead you to my name.

Clue Number 3:

So now you have champagne,
It will come in handy soon.
But you're not done unfortunately,
Your next stop will surely make me swoon.

So drive to Edible Arrangements,
You probably know what's in store.
There you'll grab some strawberries,
Then head on for more.

Wendel can be a bit direction-ally I made it very clear where to go!

Clue Number 4:

Champagne and strawberries,
Sound like an amazing combo to me!
It's time to find out where I am,
And then a very happy many you'll be {must have forgotten that part on the actual card...opps}

So drive to the following address,
We will dine looking down at trees.
For this is a place we've wanted to go,
Eating a spinning 360 degrees.


We got there and this was our view...not bad right? We started facing the Kentucky side, looking down and reminiscing on some of our precious date nights!

They were having a little deal that if you got two of their "flights" {of wine, beer, or bourbon} then you got two free appetizers! I got the white wine fleet, and Wendel got the beer flight, but he was swooning over the bourbon flight big time!

First two were my favorite...last one...Wendel helped me with!

Look at these cute little glasses!

Too cute that man of mine is!

Then came out the dinner..and Oh. My.Word! Best meal we've had in a long, long time!

Wendel got the large filet that had a king crab leg on it, asparagus, and a Bearnaise sauce.

I got the baby filet with blue cheese caramelized onions and plumed dried cherries. I'm telling was delicious! Not a morsel was left!

We were way too full for dessert {plus we had chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy} so Wendel got a glass of bourbon and I enjoyed my last bit of wine while we ended our dinner looking down on the city we're obsessed with!

Alex's parents were at the Bengal's preseason game so we took a little picture of our view and sent it to them!

Never a dull moment together.

We stayed overnight and enjoyed all the hotel has to offer. We did a little wedding crashing {and by wedding crashing I mean going in and peering into the door while slightly freaking out!} and then went to the Irish pub in the lobby where we watched said bride flirt with guys at the bar...interesting right?

It was a perfect night to say the least! We had a blast celebrating our anniversary a few months late.

I had been planning this date since right after the accident {took that long to get reservations!} so it was a blast to see it finally happen!

Love this our our city!

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