Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Fall Bucket List}

Hey everyone! I am back from San Francisco and working on getting back on schedule {that jet lag has killed me!}

But being in San Fran really got me excited about fall time! The temperatures were in the 50s and 60s the entire time and I wore a sweater/jacket the whole weekend!

So is it just me, but who is ready for fall time? I. Can. Not. Wait! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and I love absolutely everything about it! 

So about mid-summer every year, I get the fall time butterflies and start dreaming of the amazing things to do in the fall! 

Last year, we used this bucket list to help us with ideas for all things fall time fun! The only problem was that we didn't do all of them because some of them just didn't interest us! 

So I've been searching for an editable fall bucket list to use! My goal is to make my own for Christmas time...I'm trying to figure out this whole Photoshop/designing thing. Who wants to give me a Photoshop lesson? Cough Cough Katie Derrick :) 

But the amazing news is that I found one from this amazing website!! 

All you do is go to this template, click in the box and fill your list with all of your fall time desires! Amazingly easy right? 

Here's what The Wendel's Fall Bucket List looks like! 

We can't wait to do all of the fun things that are on this list! Hopefully we're be able to check everything off! 

So go and take the five minutes it takes to edit this bucket list, print it off, and get you and your family ready for a fun-filled fall! 


  1. Girlfriend! I'd love to help you! Do you have a mac? On skype, there's a way to screenshare, we should do that! FB message me so we can set it up!

    1. Okay number 1...I LOVE this picture of you! Gorgeous! And 2 I don't have a Mac :( I'll FB you though!