Friday, April 17, 2015

{Wendel's Birth Week}

Wendel's birth week is always one of my favorite weeks of the year! And thankfully, it wasn't freezing this year! Thank.God! 

You probably would think that I started this whole birth week craziness...but Wendel was actually the creator behind this fun tradition! He started it our first year of marriage and we've kept it up since. Some years we're better than others, but we always take time to celebrate all week! Can't wait to start this tradition with our kids! 

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We needed to work on projects during Wendel's birth week, so we didn't do amazingly fun things every night, but I tried to do something special for him everyday! 

To start the week off, we enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous day walking a 3 mile walk for heart disease and stroke awareness. One of our dear friends had a stroke last year {just a few months before welcoming his son into the world} and it's been a crazy year of tests and and healing for him! It's been amazing to watch, and we were thrilled to walk with him, his wife,their precious son, and more friends! 

 Saint Patrick's Day hit during birth week, so I made Wendel a little rainbow of Guiness with a  pot of gold. Dorky...yes...happy bet! 

That evening, for dinner, we made green pancakes with lucky charms! So nutritious and amazing! 

One morning, I brought Wendel a special breakfast treat! Chick Fil A makes the day sooooo much better, am I right?

After birthing class on Tuesday, we stopped off and got Wendel's very favorite guilty pleasure...Taco Bell. He was a super happy man! 

Friday was Wendel's annual pizza and bourbon night. It's his favorite night of the year. He's a simple man! 

I always do a blind bourbon flight where Wendel can taste test and guess which bourbons are his favorites. Woodford pretty much always wins. Every single year. 

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early so I could get my make up done for our maternity pictures and our couples shower that evening. It's always such a treat to get my make up done! 

Wendel walked down to Findlay Market and got me my favorite...nutella crepes from Taste of Belgium! Yum! 

Then we had our couples baby shower that evening...but more on that soon! 

Sunday, we headed downtown with Wendel's family for our favorite dinner at Palamino. 

Love these people a lot! 

And that ends birth week! I think it was a good one...but I have a feeling next year will beat it. Austen is probably going to make everything a tad more exciting...I'm just guessing. 

This weekend I'm taking my niece for a day of hair and makeup for her LAST prom! How in the world is that possible? We've also got some projects were finishing up, and Wendel is planning on mulching! We're having our house painted soon, so the outside of our house is getting quite the little face lift!

I'll be back on Monday with a recap of our 36th week of pregnancy!

Have a fabulous and safe weekend! 

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