Saturday, April 11, 2015

{Third Trimester: 28 Weeks to 34 Weeks}

Hi long lost friends! I cannot believe I'm almost to the end of this pregnancy! It has flown by, and I have NOT documented how I planned. But man it's been fast, we've had a lot on our plate...and let's be honest...naps have been winning over everything lately.

So I decided to break up the third trimester bumps...because really...I may not make it to the end. I mean...I'm praying I do! But I had this thought recently where I was like " really could go early!" It happens all the time. I think I'm the only pregnant person in the world who wants to go late. Our due date is May 10th and my school's graduation is May 14th. So I'm really praying for five days late...which would be 5.15.15...which is an awesome birthday. But who knows!

If you're curious, here is our first trimester breakdown, and here is our second trimester breakdown! we go!

To start off, here's a little side-by-side action!

And here we go week-by-week!

Twenty-Eight Weeks

We got tons of six or seven inches, so I was off of school all week. While I was worried I would get bored, I crossed a ton of things off of our baby list! The biggest being going through all of our paperwork and sorting everything! I also finished our 2014 "yearbook" that I always do on Snapfish! It was a relaxing, and pretty magical week. The snow was gorgeous, and I kind of loved every second! It made me super excited about snow time with the little man! 

Twenty- Nine Weeks

I finally got to go back to school now that the crazy weather died down! We started our six week un-medicated birth class this week, so that was exciting/overwhelming! We're super passionate about going un-medicated, but also understand that things happen. So we're going in open minded, but trying to educated ourselves with as much knowledge and equip ourselves with the tools to have the best birth experience possible!

Side note: this is not the time for you to tell me how much I should have an epidural/how crazy I am/I'll regret it later. While I love ya'll, and your opinions, we want to experience this please pretty please let us! We'll be sure to share our success and/or failure after the little man arrives!

Thirty Weeks

This week was pretty darn routine. It was a super busy week at school and I started the task of prepping through the end of the year just in case little man decides to make an appearance early! We're ready for spring to decide to poke it's head out, so we can enjoy the weather and get some stuff done on the outside of the house! But as you can see....there's still tons of snow on the we'll see how soon spring appears!

Thirty-One Weeks

This week was BUSY! We got to see Austen with the entire family for our last 4-D ultrasound! It looks like he's going to have some cheeks {thank goodness} and he may have papa's nose. There also looked to be some nice plump lips which will be getting lots and lots of kisses very soon! This picture was taken on the first day of my 31st week, but my day 4 or 5, the snow was pretty much gone! Woo hoo! Next week is our first baby shower, so we're excited to start getting all of the essentials and getting ourselves baby-prepped! The room is pretty much finished, so we'll be sharing that and TONS of house projects very soon! 

Thirty-Two Weeks

This was Wendel's birth week, so we did lots of fun things! Also...SPRING HAS SPRUNG! We're loving the extra hours of sunlight, evening walks, and sitting outside for dinner. We walked a 3 mile walk with some friends to benefit our friend who had a stroke a year ago...just a few months before they had their baby boy. It was a gorgeous day, and an amazing way to thank God for His love and healing. We had our first baby shower and were blown away by all of the love we were shown! One down...two to go!

Thirty-Three Weeks

We had our first baby shower last week, so were slowly getting ready for Austen's arrival. Just a few more things to collect and we'll be ready! We got our stroller, and Wendel is so excited! That was his thing that he was so pumped to pick out, and the Bob is what made it on our registry! It's pretty amazing, I'll be honest! We just have a little bit more to finish in the room, and I can't wait to share all of the fun details!

Thirty-Four Weeks

This was my spring break, so we got a LOT done in the house! We finished a few big projects that I'm excited to shoot and share soon! We're just going to do one big house update blog post. I've started to really FEEL pregnant. My back is starting to hurt pretty regularly, and my sciatic pain is pretty annoying. I'm starting to feel my abs moving and they hurt! Like wow. My blood pressure has been a tiny bit high the past few weeks, so we've been keeping an eye on that, but my bump is measuring right on track! So good! 

For the finial few weeks of pregnancy, I'm going to do weekly updates. I feel like I'll have more to share, and more to document, so I thought that would be fun! We'll see if we have five...or more updates.'s so close! 

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