Monday, April 20, 2015

{Thirty-Six Weeks}

Time is flying...absolutely flying! We're so close to the end...and I just cannot believe it!

If you're interested in the rest of my updates, here is our first trimester breakdown, here is our second trimester breakdownhere is the first part of the third trimester breakdown, and here is the thirty-five week update!

{Weekly updates will be about the previous I'm currently 37 weeks}

Before I go any further, I know a lot of you were wondering about his positioning and all that jazz...AND...he's head down and ready to go! Hopefully he stays that way! Woo hoo! I'll give more info in a second so keep reading! 

Weight Gain...I honestly have no clue. I just told them not to tell me unless they're worried. They don't seem to be worried, but people are constantly stopping me and asking how far along I am, and when I tell them, they always say "man I bet you've only gained like 10 lbs"...and then I laugh hysterically. I'm thinking I'll be on the upper end of weight gain by the end. Oops. But oh well! I can lose weight...I know that deal. Grow baby grow! 

Cravings...I wanted a vanilla and chocolate swirled soft serve ice cream SO bad after my doctors appointment this week...and I got it! So flippin' delicious! And now I swear I could have a soft serve cone like three times a day. Ice chips just aren't cutting it. 

Wedding Rings...Still off. At this point I don't think I could get it on if I tried. My fingers are just puffy enough to make it tight. But I have a Pandora ring that I got for Christmas that is taking it's place nicely! 

Swelling...Not really. Definitely not enough to notice by look. My feet may be a tiny bit because my Rainbow Sandals are a little tight. And I TOTALLY forgot about the amazingness that are Yellow Box flip flops! I was introduced to them when I was at school in Birmingham because they sell them at a department store called Belk that we don't have in Cincinnati. But one day it was like a ton of bricks and I immediately went on Amazon and bought myself a pair! Holy comfy! They run true to size and I couldn't recommend them enough! 

Belly Button...In still, but still super soft and getting flatter. It's kind of cracking me up how soft it it. And it's dark, but still in. 

Sleeping Situation...I've been falling asleep well, but waking up around 3 am every morning and not being able to get back to sleep. Pinterest helps immensely! And then I will wake up around 6:30 if I'm lucky! But I offset it with a nap every single day. I get home from school, typically don't even take my shoes off, curl up on the couch, and I'm out in about 3 minutes. So I get a good two hour nap almost everyday and I don't even feel a tiny bit bad about it!

Overall Feeling...Really flippin' good! My hip/sciatic pain is still there, but not bad enough to make it hard to walk. I don't feel like I'm waddling yet, and I'm still able to get on the ground with my kiddos! So that's a big thumbs up. It is getting hard picking up things off the ground, and maneuvering around the bump is pretty hilarious. Shaving my legs...laughable. But really, I feel amazing and hope it stays that way for the next few weeks!

Exercising...non-existent and it makes my heart hurt! I cannot wait to get a nice, sweaty workout in once I'm cleared. I would love to walk around the neighborhood, but we're afraid to get me too far away from home because I get this crazy not-fun ligament pain in my side. I need to/should be doing squats and push ups against the wall and all that jazz...but it just isn't happening. Maybe this week? Probably not. 

Excited About...Going on our hospital tour in a few days! We kind of waited until the last minute on this one, but I'm excited to see with my own eyes what we're looking at as far as delivery/recovery rooms. Plus it just means a night spent with Wendel...and I'm a big fan of nights spent with my favorite man. 

Anxious About...Going back to the doctors. Last week he was down and we want to keep him that way! So I plan on doing lots of chillin' on all fours and letting gravity do it's work! They will also check to see if I'm dilated at all. I was closed last week, so some progress would be amazing, but I wouldn't be upset if I was still closed. Remember...I'd LOVE to go late so I can make it to my class' graduation on the 14th, so I'm good to go as long as he's happy and comfy!

Most Exciting Thing This Week...Knowing that he is head down and that our dream of a vaginal {and unmedicated} birth is still in the running! We also had a fabulously productive/fun weekend which is always my favorite kind of weekend!

Current House Project...Shelves for a wall in Austen's room to house the billions of books he has been gifted! And I'm working on designing some shelving for our linen and coat closet.

And there you have it friends! Have a fabulous Monday!

Also here's another snap from the 36th week...that bump is just so darn round and cute! And it looks so much bigger in some outfits! It's kind of crazy! I could do without my growing chubbster legs and puffy cheeks...but we can't always get what we want, right :) !


  1. You look great and everything seems to be going so well. I can't wait to see photos of your sweet babe, on May 15th, of course :) You have such a great attitude about weight gain too. I think so many people obsess over it. I would compare myself to other girls at work who were pregnant and should not have! I look back at prego pics and think I look great but didn't think so at the time. I'm trying to remember that now even while I'm hoping to shed some more post baby pounds. It will come off eventually.

    1. Yeah it's really easy to be hard on yourself, especially when crazy people only gain like 10 lbs! But I just don't see how that's possible! Some days are better than others, but I try to give myself some slack and enjoy the whole process...extra ice cream included :) Hang in there mama! You look amazing, and just soak up that sweet precious baby girl and the weight will come off eventually!