Monday, April 13, 2015

{Thirty-Five Weeks}

As I mentioned on Saturday, I'm going to start doing weekly updates until Austen decides to come! 

And now let's move on to week number thirty-five! 

I'll warn's not short! 

{Weekly updates will be about the previous I'm currently 36 weeks}

I woke up on Sunday {04.05.15} to my baby app telling me I was 35 weeks and could not believe it! Five weeks to in the world is that possible?

There are some milestones that just seemed huge to me. Obviously moving from trimester to trimester as big, but 20 weeks was like "wow...half way there", and 30 weeks was a big "what...10 weeks to go?", but 35 weeks just really hit me hard. Five weeks. Five Saturdays. And that's if I make it to 40 weeks! 


It was Easter Sunday, so that made the day even more exciting! I'll share some photos from the day at the end of the post! 

I thought it would just be easiest to answer the typical pregnancy questions weekly, so here we go: 

Weight Gain... think it's between 25-30...I honestly don't even look anymore. It will all come off eventually :) I'm just feeling super puffy and fluffy.

Cravings...None really. Maybe sweets? I just can't eat very much at one time...there's not much room in there! Except I went to Laroasas {a Cincinnati pizza place} on Friday with my mom and ate an entire hoagie, salad, and fries! But I woke up at 5am that day and had breakfast at 6am and was starving by noon! And hoagies are delicious! This entire pregnancy has been one ginormous fruit craving and that continues. I'll never forget sending Alex to the grocery at like 9:00 in the evening to get "all of the fruit"...not just bananas or strawberries...but "all of the fruit". The only other thing I've sent him to the grocery at night for is milk...another craving. I would drink a glass with every single meal! But it's best with a PB& I right or am I right?

Wedding Rings...This is the saddest thing ya'll...the ring came off this week. It fits when it gets on, but my knuckle is bigger so it gets stuck and tight and I get a little panicked. I would probably wear it, but it makes me nervous. My irrational self thinks they'll have to chop my finger off in order to extract it from around my knuckle. I'm also a tad afraid my knuckles won't go back down to size and I'll have to have my ring re-sized...but we'll deal with that when it comes! 

Swelling...I'm not really swelling. My doctor always comments on how she's so shocked that I'm not more swollen, but I feel like by ankles themselves are bigger. Pretty much the only reason I think this is because I bought a new pair of cheap sandals from Target that clasp around the ankle and they just fit. So maybe they are just tight straps? I guess we'll see a few weeks after I give birth. 

Belly Button...It's still in, but it's getting nice and flat. It feels so strange! Like super soft. It's honestly a little weird! I give it a week or two and it will be nice and flat, but I don't think it will ever poke out. 

Sleeping Situation...At night, it's no bueno! I just can't get comfortable and wake up like 5 or 6 times to pee. But naps...oh glorious naps. A mom of one of my kiddos was telling me that "first trimester is the worst, second is the best, third is the one where you need to rest." So so true! I usually take naps on my side on our couch, and I think that the back support is helpful. Which means I may be moving to sleeping on the couch at night in the next few weeks. Sorry Wendel! We'll see! 

Overall Feeling...I honestly feel good! Other than the normal pregnancy back pain and sciatic pain I'm good to go! I'm moving pretty normal. Still sitting on the floor with my kids and getting up and down normally. So that's good. But this belly is getting heavy, especially when flipping over at night!

Exercising...It's been so not great lately because of the side ligament pain. That started around 30 weeks or so but I could kind of push through it and get at least 30 minutes of cardio in as long as I didn't do the treadmill. But in the last few weeks, pretty much immediately when I start doing cardio it hurts. It feels just like a bad side pain that you get when running. But this week I was able to go for a nice walk around our subdivision and did this all the way through...shockingly! I'm just hoping to keep doing squats and lunges to keep my ligaments stretched. But more power to all those mamas who are running half marathons at 39 weeks pregnant! Ya'll are nutso but amazing! 

Excited About...Going to the doctors this week to check his size and position. I have a sneaking suspicion he is clue why. Actually I know why...a few of our friends were breech and had to have C-sections, so I feel like it's in the water. And for someone who is wanting to go un-medicated...breech is no bueno. But long as he gets here healthy I'm good to go! The more I pray about it and prepare myself for it, the idea of a planned C-section isn't a terrible thing. Who knows! I'll update you on that next week!

Anxious About...Finding out about his position...lots of hanging out on all fours to get him downward and in the right position. So if you come to check on me at the house...that's where I'll be. Sleeping {and probably drooling} while on the floor with my butt in the air. TMI? Well and actually I'll probably be nakie...because nakie is better than any clothing out there at this point. What in the world am I going to do with my next pregnancy? I can't scar Austen too much...but man clothes are just not comfy anymore! Other than that I am so not anxious! Like at all! I'm intrigued with how our birth story is going to look, and excited to see what the heck childbirth feels like {if I'm blessed enough to experience it!}

Most Exciting Thing This Week...We had like six workers here on Friday doing all kinds of things! We had a new air conditioning unit installed {thrilling right?} but we also had some guys over fixing a huge crack in our ceiling and painting the ceilings nice, bright white! We installed some new can lights and a chandelier with the help of our incredible friend, Dave, so with the new lighting and fresh white walls....I'm in heaven! In a few weeks we'll have guys over to install new gutters {again...thrilling but mucho needed} and painting all of our trim a nice, bright white! Eeeee! So excited for that!

Current House Project...Some shelving for books for Austen's room because we've been given SO many! Also, we're working on organizing the garage, and doing a small planked wall in the basement bathroom. The next sunny day I have after school, I'm snapping photos of our house so ya'll can see some of the changes! I think they're pretty big, but yeah.

That's about it! If there are anymore questions you're curious about, let me know and I'll answer them next week!

And here are some snapshots from Easter with the family! 

My family minus my brother who lives in San Fran...but he'll be here in a few weeks! Woo hoo!

Wendel's extended thankful we did this picture! Hopefully we'll get better about taking group shots!

Three of us on Wendel's side of the family are having boys! All in-laws. Katie is due in July, Kate had Mason in February, and then Austen is due in May! Lots of ninja fights in the future! 

And these are my incredible in-laws! Alex's sister and her husband just moved back to the area in February and bought a house in our city right across the street from my sister! So so excited to have them home and for Austen to know his Aunt and Uncle really well! 

And there you have it!

Cannot believe we just have a few quiet weekends left before the little man arrives! So exciting! 


  1. You're getting so close! It does feel so surreal near the end. I was always so anxious/curious about when labor would start and what our birth story would be too. Labor and delivery is such an incredible experience! You're going to do great, and it's the most amazing experience when you meet your baby for the first time. Enjoy these last few weeks of rest but don't get too scared about "never sleeping again" because that's what everyone told me. It's been fine. Just nap when he naps and drink real coffee again :)

    1. Thank you for being so positive! People are constantly saying "just'll never sleep again" or "enjoy the free time now because you won't have any for 18 years" encouraging :)