Sunday, April 26, 2015

{Thirty-Seven Weeks}

So I'm currently thirty-eight weeks pregnant. Two weeks to go...what the what?

The past few weeks have FLOWN by and I seriously cannot believe he could come at any moment!

Flippin' Nuts!

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And's long again. I get quite chatty during these weekly updates :)

{Weekly updates will be about the previous I'm currently 38 weeks}

Weight Gain...I think it's about 30 lbs. based off of last week's weigh in but I'm not positive what my starting weight was. BUT I had gained some weight {like 15 lbs...oops} in the two years of trying to get pregnant. All about honesty here people. So I have a feeling I'll have about 50 lbs to loose to get down to my goal which was my wedding weight. Isn't that insane! That sounds like a TON, but I'll loose a bunch of it {God willing} in the first few weeks/months just from {hopefully} breastfeeding. And I'm planning on doing the 21 day fix and a round of P90x. I know how to lose weight, so I'm not concerned. Like I've said in weeks past, I'm not freaking out about my weight gain. I feel great, my clothes fit great {other than my jeans which make me feel like a stuffed sausage} and I'm just trying to not be nutso right now.

Funny story! So when we went in for our first doctors appointment, the doctor said "okay so try to keep your weight gain at about 10-15 lbs. And I literally almost laughed thinking she was joking! Didn't even know that was possible. I mean, the baby, placenta, fluids, umbilical cord all weigh about that much. And then a woman in our birthing class said she had only gained 7 lbs. So yeah...I'm just not one of those lucky ladies. Eh...I'm having a baby, and I will eat ice cream, and I will eat Penn Station {mmmmm} and I will eat pizza. And I'll probably eat it after too.

Okay...enough of that. 

Cravings...Still soft serve ice cream but I only think I got it once this week. Shocking, right? But now that I say that...I'm thinking of a way to go and get some. 

Wedding Rings...Ya'll it's a miracle! It will go on again! Woo hoo! Angels singing! But I'm still afraid to wear it out and about with a completely irrational fear that it will get stuck and they'll have to cut my finger off in order to retrieve it. So for now, my Pandora ring is doing it's job beautifully. 

Swelling...My feel have begun to swell a bit. Not terribly, but I can tell they are a little puffy. People keep telling me I'll be amazed a few days/weeks after birth how much smaller things will get from water weight and all that jazz. I'm praying that's the case because I just bought my dream pair of summery sandals after saving gift cards since my birthday and waiting for a sale and CANNOT wait to put those suckers on. But alas...I must wait! 

Belly Button...It's for sure flat now. No "in-nage" at all! I still can't imagine it popping out, but you never know! 

Sleeping Situation...It was actually MUCH better this week! Except for one night. I had a bit of a cold one evening and could not stop clearing my throat and felt bad for Wendel. So I went and slept on the couch and that was a BAD decision! I could not get back to sleep and kept waking up because robbers were obviously there because they knew I was sleeping on the couch. Anyhoo...I've been trying to stop drinking water in around 8:00 so I'm not peeing 400 times. And I think I have found a position to sleep in that really helps support my back. So woo hoo for that!

Overall Feeling...Pretty flippin' fantastic. People keep asking me if I feel miserable, and I almost feel bad saying no. I have lots of energy, I'm walking just fine, and I'm really not that nervous/anxious. Just excited to see when this whole shindig will go down!

Exercising...Haha...not happening. Whenever I start to walk for a long distance I get that side ligament pain. So naps and cleaning/organizing for me. 

Excited About...My brother coming into town with about 20 of his friends from San Francisco this weekend! It's his birthday weekend, and they are going to the derby. It should be fun to host them and meet some new people! Hopefully Austen stays put until they're headed back! Oooo and we're having all of the white on our house painted and new gutters installed this week! Woo hoo! 

Anxious About...Really nothing. I guess just all of the un-knowns but that is also what is intriguing to me.

Most Exciting Thing This Week...We had a really awesome weekend! We got to relax, grill out, and chill on Friday. On Saturday we got a few small projects finished and then headed to my 4 y/o niece's dance recital which was the most precious thing I've ever witnessed! Then we had dinner at Brio afterwards, which...hello...lobster bisque...can't go wrong there! And Sunday we did church, a big Sam's run, got some projects finished/started, and then had dinner with Wendel's family. It was a pretty fantastic weekend!

Current House Project...Installing paneling in the basement bathroom. It's not a huge project, but something we've been wanting to do for a long time! My mom is staying with us next weekend while my brother and his friends take over her house, so we wanted to get that finished so she can enjoy the pretty bathroom! Plus it's just one more thing checked off our to-do list! Woo hoo!

Have a fabulous week! 

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  1. 38 weeks!! Its so exciting! I'm glad you're feeling well. Definitely keep napping - you will when Austen comes but it'll be different. I don't know how people only gain 10-15 lbs! I was not one either. You'll probably lose a bunch of weight after delivery. I can't wait to see nursery pics! I know it looks amazing like the rest of your house!