Monday, May 4, 2015

{Thirty-Eight Weeks}

As of today, I am less than a week away from our due date! It's absolutely insane!

At my 38 week appointment, I got checked and wasn't dilated at all. Which for me, is a good thing! But you better believe that on the 14th, around noon {after graduation} I will be walking up a storm trying to get this whole process started!

The belly is getting HEAVY and my legs and feet hurt bad by the end of the day! I'm for sure doing more than I should, and am on my feet WAY more than I should be, but I'm almost there!

If you're interested in the rest of my updates, here is our first trimester breakdown, here is our second trimester breakdownhere is the first part of the third trimester breakdown, and here is the thirty-five week update!

So this outfit isn't super cute, but it is kind of what I'm wearing lately. Stretchy capris, a shirt and some form of a jean vest/cardigan in case I get cool.

{Weekly updates will be about the previous I'm currently 39 weeks}

Weight Gain...I honestly didn't pay attention this week but I think it's still at about 30 pounds. 

Cravings...No real cravings this week. The soft serve ice cream craving went away. Probably water...I can't get enough water, but that's been a whole pregnancy kind of thing. 

Wedding Rings...Man with the heat this weekend that ring is not going on. But my Pandora ring is still holding strong! 

Swelling...My feet and calves have officially started swelling...for real. I feel like my toes are swollen. It's crazy. It's definitely not as bad as some, so I won't complain but I only have a few shoe options now, so I'm glad I'm to my final weeks! 

Belly Button...Flat as a pancake, but it hasn't popped out. Still thinking it will stay flat, but you never know! 

Sleeping Situation...I'm sleeping in three hour stretches great. And without fail, I wake up needing to go to the bathroom and then have a tough time getting back to sleep. Thank God for Pinterest. It helps to get me back to sleep! But I'm taking good three hour naps pretty much everyday, which is helpful. It's just getting me ready for those feedings every three hours or so!

Overall Feeling...Good, but I'm getting more and more tired. We were going to go and see a movie on Saturday night {mind you after a three hour nap} and after dinner, I just knew I wouldn't make it. My feet  are really starting to hurt and I can feel the swelling. And in the mornings, my back and hip are killing me. Once I get up and start moving, I'm good to go, but until then I'm a bit crotchety.

Exercising...Ha...hilarious. I'm honestly trying not to exercise too much because that induces labor. I did do a good bit of walking on Saturday and I felt pretty good, but that ligament pain really gets me. Like every single time. Annoying! 

Excited About...The amazing weather and getting our pool opened. We realized that if we waited until after the baby comes, it might be June before we get it finished. And since it's going to be so warm this week, we're going to bite the bullet and open up! Woo hoo! It will be amazing for my hot swollen feel this week!

Anxious About...The heat...I like it cool so I'm hoping I don't get too too hot in the next few weeks.

Most Exciting Thing This Week...We're meeting some friends at a hibachi grill on Friday night and I LOVE hibachi grills. Praying I make it there!

Current House Project...Touching up our deck and getting the pool opened!

For more up to date pictures and information about the Little Man's arrival, make sure you're following me on Instagram. I'll probably post there first {and my personal Facebook page} so be sure to follow along if your curious in the next few weeks!

Also, I'll be doing a fun little post on how I did a whole bunch of freezer meals this Wednesday. I posted a picture on Instagram, and got so many questions about it, that I worked up a quick post about that. So be on the lookout for it on Wednesday!

Happy Monday! 

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