Monday, November 11, 2013

{Birthweek} I am...the slacking blogger! 

Ya'll...I just have been so out of the groove. I feel like I'm barley staying afloat between school, house projects, and keeping that husband of mine fed! 

But I do have a bit of an birthday! 

And as ya'll remember from last year, Wendel does birthday's big! It's more like a birthweek

I failed at taking pictures of all the fun throughout the week, but here's a run down of what Wendel did {that over-achiever of mine}

- Everyday I would come out of school to something amazing in my car {flowers, nail polish, gift cards, pumpkin spice latte}...amazing end to my day! 

- He planned cute things for us to do in the evening, of which we fell asleep too early for two of them...but's the thought that counts! 

- He cleaned the house on Thursday so I would wake up to a clean home on my birthday {I was so exhausted when I got home at 9:00 that I was shocked and cried!}

- Then Friday...the big day...I woke up to this! 

Which was even more surprising because he was supposed to be at work. But no...he took off so we could play! That was the best gift of all! 

-Then Wendel and my madre took me bowling! I love this place! You get to bowl and have lunch and it's $ just can't beat that! 

My mama is a little shrimp...look how tiny she is! 

Then madre and I went for manis and pedis...but not before a pumpkin spice latte! 

After some relaxation, Wendel and I went for dinner at the 360 Restaurant with the most breathtaking view of our favorite city! 

After dinner we went to see Thor...romantic ending to our date, right? 

Saturday morning, Wendel surprised me with a cookie cake. I really love these things and they remind me of college dorm days chowing down with friends. I had mentioned that I wanted one for my birthday this year, and he came through! Next year...I'll ask for a slice...the whole thing and just the two of us was baddddd for my waist line!  

{And just so you know..Wendel and I finished this pretty much by ourselves...I feel a looooong gym time coming very soon!}

Saturday night we headed to our church's prayer experience with our small group. Then for Mexican....yum! 

Sunday night we had family birthday dinner...and it was the perfect way to end the birthweek! 

Now we're on to a normal week and I'm ready to get decorated for fall....just after I finish painting so much trim! 

Happy Monday...almost Tuesday! 

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