Monday, November 4, 2013

{I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack}

Hey Friends! 

I took a little week long break from all forms of social media. And it was super refreshing. 

It also made me realize how much I really do love to blog! It helps me to get my thoughts on "paper" and update my family and friends on our lives.

Anyhoo...I'm back! 

I have nothing really prepared :) I haven't taken outfit pictures in forever, I have yet to take updated pictures of the basement since they've last been here, but...we took some family pictures this weekend so here are my "behind the scenes" until the real ones come in! Can't wait to share them! 

This man loves these kiddos! And they love him! 

Let's play...can you find the child?

As you can see it was the most beautiful day and we had the best park to take pictures in! So many amazing leaves and the light we just perfect! 

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