Sunday, December 9, 2012

{Young House Love}

So I'm way late on this one...

But Wendel and I got to meet the bloggers behind my FAVORITE blog...

Cincinnati was their first stop, so we had no clue what to expect. 

To be honest, I was afraid we would be the only ones there...

Clearly not the case! 

We waited in line for an hour, then I got out of line to hear them speak while Wendel held our spot, then I got back in line and waited more, and finally got to see them! 

Here are some snapshots! 

Seriously nervous before... awkward meeting someone that you've read about and are all of a sudden meeting...

Huge line...who would have known! 

Yeah...a lot of Young House Lovers...

And there they are...too cute! 

I got a picture of me smiling with them but I can't find it...annoying! 

This book is amazing and has so many tips! I highly recommend it! 

That's all...boring post :) Oh well...Adios! 

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