Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{Christmas Bucket List}

So I'm taking a break from updating you on our lives to do a little Christmas fun! Since it's the 4th day of December, and Christmas will be fast approaching...I thought it was time to get my Christmas Bucket List ready!

So why do a Christmas Bucket list?" you may ask...I think it's a fun way to "organize" yourself during a busy time!

Everyone {especially my assistants} know that if I don't put it on a list, it won't get done.

So this is a way to say "this is what I'd love to do...let's try to do it!"

And nothing is as satisfying as crossing something off your list!

So I found a few adorable Christmas Bucket Lists through Pinterest! 

This one is just precious...and they have templates you can use too! 

We used this one last year...we crossed off a bunch of these...plus it's super colorful and graphic. 

I love the Christmas light border on this one...too cute! And roast chestnuts...didn't know people really did that this time of year...I guess if it's in a song it must be true! 

This one is pretty cute too! 

Haven't decided which one I'm going to use... 

Whichever one I pick, I'll edit it to fit everything that we want to accomplish this Christmas!

Once I pick it, I'll share it displayed on our fridge where we keep our seasonal bucket lists!

Anyone have another fun bucket list they want to share?  

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