Thursday, December 13, 2012

{A Six-Pack Party}

So Alex and I wanted to host a little party for the couples we have met through our church the past year and a half. 

We have been so blessed to meet such solid people who are making marriage a priority, and we're thankful for that! 

So...when thinking about what time of party to have...appetizers and then everyone can bring a drink of some sort...then I thought what if everyone brought a six pack? Then we would have enough for everyone to share. 

So we decided to have a "six-pack party" where everyone brings their favorite six-pack alcoholic or non-alcoholic. 

You could bring your favorite beer, cream soda, root beer, Jones Soda, etc. 

We were excited, and couldn't wait to hang out with everyone! 

I made a few very simple appetizers to share and then made a little Mediterranean board. 

These were completely gone by the end of the delicious! A little sweet, salty, and creamy. 

Hummus, Feta, Olives, Pita...

Brie and Cranberry Sauce Tartlets

We invested {well a minor $8.00 investment} in this little bottle opener a little bit ago for the side of our cabinet and we LOVE it! So easy and useful...and cute! 

I also had the Kureg up and running in case anyone wanted some hot coco, chia tea, or coffee. 

And for dessert we had these pumpkin cream cheese delicious!! 

We had our house all ready for fall time with these branch candle holders that Wendel made from some branches from the backyard! 

And this one that was on the dining room table...with these cute little turkey tea light holders! 

Then at the end of the night, we had everyone fill up their six pack carrier with a variety of what was left over! That way we weren't left with too much! 

I also had some little favors for everyone! 

It was crock pot apple butter!

Super easy! A bag of apples peeled, cored, and cubed. Add 1/2 cup of water, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and 1/2 tsp all spice. 

Let it cook for 6-8 hours. THEN pour the mixture into a blender and blend until smooth. THEN put the mixture back in the crock pot for another 6-8 hours. 

Now, I'll say I didn't do the last part. I put it in for maybe another hour or so after blending...but the recipe says another 6-8 hours. An extra hour did it and it was delicious! 

We had an absolute blast! It was wonderful to see everyone and we had fun until midnight!  

Woo hoo for fun fall time parties! 


  1. Thanks for having us! It was fun. :)

    1. So glad ya'll came! FYI your movie is in the mail...I felt bad having it this long :)

  2. This is seriously such a cute idea! I'm already planning on doing it in the New Year! Maybe for Galentine's Day! Anyway, would you mind if I shared the post on my blog with some pictures? It's just so cute and I know some of my friends would love seeing the idea. Also, you guys should make more of those candle holders and sell them to me. I'd love to give them as a gift to my mom for Christmas.

    1. I swore I replied to this days ago!! Oh course you can share it!! And Alex was so excited to hear you wanted some that he went down this afternoon and chopped away! Which kind do you want? The long one or the three different level ones? But you're not paying for them :) It's free therapy for Alex!