Thursday, December 6, 2012

{Engagement Anniversary}

I know that we're stretching a bit to celebrate the night that we got engaged...but hey...I'll take any reason to get dressed up and celebrate with my handsome husband! 

Wendel and I got engaged the night before Thanksgiving three years ago!

You can read all about our engagement here...

To celebrate, we decided to head to our favorite, York Street Cafe, for dessert and drinks. 

This place holds lots of memories for us! 

Our first date, where we ate before we got engaged, where our rehearsal dinner was, where we've celebrated many New Years Eve's with the in-laws, and many special dinners in between! 

So I was tickled to get all dressed up and head out with my husband for a relaxing evening before the Holiday Season in upon us. make this date night a little more special, Wendel said he was leaving and would pick me up for our date in fifteen minutes. 

He came home, rang the door bell, and presented me with a dozen white roses...too sweet! 

Then we headed out! 

Wendel likes bourbon...I like diet coke...we couldn't be any more opposite! 

{I will admit...I almost asked for milk...but decided this was a fancy date night and diet would do}

We shared two desserts...

Our favorite, their Butter Rum Cake...ya''s DELICIOUS! 

And their German Chocolate Cake...mmmmm...

I'm sad we didn't get a picture at our cute little table...but this will do :) 

It was beyond perfect! 

The best part was that we were going home to snuggle up and sleep in...

And got to sleep in for a straight four mornings together...Best. Thing. Ever! 

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