Saturday, December 15, 2012

{Our Advent Calendar}

Wendel and I are having such a blast this Holiday season squeezing in fun Christmasy things together! 

I think we've clarified that I'm a list person. I love having an organized way of knowing what I want to accomplish...and then getting to check it off! 

So this year I made a cute little advent calendar to help us get as much as possible in during the hustle and bustle! 

The advent calendar I made was very simple! 

They are just little envelopes, and then Wendel or I {we change everyday} plan something and slip the idea into the envelope. We did this last year too, so we can look back at what we did last year on the same day! 

All you need is: 

Mini coin envelopes {Staples} 
Scrapbook paper {Hobby Lobby}
Ribbon/Scrapbook Accessories {Hobby Lobby}
Scrapbook Letters- I used my Cricut {Target/Hobby Lobby}
Clothes Pins {Target}
Hot Glue/Double Sided Tape 

Then just cut, clip, paste, and decorate till your little heart's desire! 

We put our advent calendar up on our bookcase so we can gaze at it while we watch Christmas movies! is what we've been up to this Christmas season! 

Day 1: Christmas Shopping and Date Night 

Day 2: Our City's Holiday Walk

Day 3: Enjoying the Warm Weather By Checking Out The Lights on Our Sreet

{They do it up right, don't they?}

Day 4: Paper Snow Flakes and Finishing Up Christmas Cards

Day 5: Saint Nick Shopping

Day 6: Saint Night Gifting

Day 7: Major Christmas Date Night: Christmas Trains at Union Termincal, Live Nativity at Kron's Conservatory, Sushi, Hot Coco, Christmas Lights

Day 8: Candle Lit Service at Church

Day 9: Orange Cream Soda Night

Day 10: Cake Pop Night 

{made 150 for Alex's company party the following night}

Day 11: Wendel's Company Party

Day 12: Read Christmas Books  

Day 13: Festival of Lights

I can't believe how fast this time of year goes, but I'm excited for the fun that is going to take place in the next 10 days! 

What are ya'll doing for your advent calendar?? 

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