Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{Gobble Till You Wobble}

Thanksgiving was so wonderful and relaxing this year! 

Wendel and I hosted brunch for the second year in a row, and it was a blast! 

Of course I was a terrible blogger and forgot to get pictures of the delicious spread we had, but I did snap some pictures throughout the morning {in between eating and parade watching!}

My sweet mama and our littlest niece.

This is my sister and her three girls. The boys stayed decided to relax at home because they were hosting dinner that night. 

This is my oldest brother and his sweet family. 

And this is my mom with all by one of her grand-kiddos! Love our growing family! 

And Wendel and I of course :) 

So since my brother is in San Fran, we use this picture of him so he's "with" us...silly I know...but we have fun with it. 

As you can tell...

Madre with all of her kiddos...kind of :) 

The kids wanted to pretend to be Andrew...too cute! 

Yeah...not really sure to be honest. 

After a good workout {yes, we're those weird people at the gym on holidays} and some rest, we spent Thanksgiving dinner with Alex's family which was at his parents house. 

We did manage to snap a few pictures...but they're a bit blurry...sorry! 

Before dinner we snapped this photo of us with Alex's dad and grandparents. 

And there is his mom popped in! 

The weather was so nice that we went outside and enjoyed their beautiful new back deck! 

My sweet mama had dinner with us! Love this woman! 

Alex's cousin, Spencer, is a for real magician and always does an incredible show at holidays. Alex got to be his helper...

He's awesome! 

Needless to say, it was a great Thanksgiving, but I'm so excited about Christmas I can hardly stand it! 

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