Thursday, July 4, 2013

{A Beach Wedding...}

Wendel and I had the honor of traveling to South Carolina to see one of his cousin's get married! 

You may remember that I co-hosted their couples shower a few months ago! 

We headed down for a long weekend and planned on squeezing as much in as possible! 

After we drove the 12 hours from Cinci, we got right into our swim suites and headed to soak in the gorgeous views! 

After getting a little too much sun {when will we learn?} we met up with Wendel's grandparent's for a yummy dinner! 

And just happened to run into the bride, groom, and their families...small world!  

The next day was filled with pure beach and relaxation! 

It rained in the morning, so I got a quick workout in, and then we were off for more beaching! 

Wendel is just about the cutest thing and needs to be doing something while on the we bought him a cheap shovel and away he went!

After a nice long nap and showers, we were off for dinner and putt-putt!

Sunday was the big day...but that morning there was a little bridal luncheon, so the ladies scooted off for brunch and an around the clock shower. 

My sweet's always so wonderful to catch up with her and her sweet hubby! 

How cute are my mother-in-law and Alex's grandmother? 

After a few more hours on the beach, it was wedding time! 

Here's the groom, Ryan. He wore Grandpa Haas' cuff links...very sweet way to honor him! 

The wedding was held at a gorgeous beach house! I would have moved in if I could! 

Alex's grandparents...

This is Kate (the bride's) beautiful mom and her brother. 

The groom...came down and, in Ryan fashion, did a little "high five-ing" along the was pretty cute! 

The parents...

Could those flower girls be any cuter? And Erin did a great job carrying them down because those little ones were not going to be walking in the sand! 

Stunning...right? She was such a beautiful bride! 

The tide was pretty high but they were able to finish the ceremony before the water tried to get us! 

The moms...

The bride and groom had everyone write a little something on this chalkboard and take a picture with it! 

Ya'll...the details were killing me! It was stunning! They turned this car port into a gorgeous reception! 

The bride's mom MADE these chandeliers to fit over the ugly lighting...they were stunning! I was amazed! 

I adored their cake! So simple and stunning...and those can't beat them! 

The night of their wedding was the super moon! We tried to get a picture, but of didn't even touch the gorgeousness! 

We had to leave early because we were leaving bright and early the next morning, but they let off lanterns on the beach...I was pretty devastated to miss it, but I can't wait to see pictures!! 

It was a wonderful beach wedding! We had a blast dancing the night away and seeing those two so in love and excited!! 

Congratulations Ryan and Kate! We're so thrilled for you and the journey you're beginning! 

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