Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Fourth of Julyin'}

I have a love/hate relationship with the Fourth of July..

Love: it's warm, I'm off school, we get to celebrate my sister-in-law and mom's birthdays, fireworks, parades, swimming, grill outs, watermelon...

Hate: It's flippin' hot or raining like crazy, and that means summer is almost over...

I don't know about ya'll, but I always feel like once the 4th of July hits, summer zooms by like crazy and before I know it, school is in full swing...

Which is actually {when I really think about it} okay with me because that means that fall is almost here...and I'm 100% already dreaming of a pumpkin spice latte...

Wow...okay...back to the Fourth of July! 

This 4th was insanely parade...sad day... 

But I woke up bright and early, so Wendel slept in and I went to breakfast with my mom and my sister's family! 

Can we just talk about how precious this little one adorable! And the pie..American flag...too much! 

After breakfast, Wendel and I went to the gym...yup...we're those people...and took a nice long nap! 

Then it was fish fry time...

My brother was in town from San Fran and he loves him a fish fry, so we planned a special one for him! 

We do fish fries once or twice a summer and they are always such a treat! 

My brother-in-law is the fish fry king! 


These cuties had matching dresses on...they are too much! 

After dinner, it was firework time! We were too antsy to wait until yeah...we did fireworks in the bright evening light...oh well! 

The men in my life! 

My brother {the bearded caveman} works for GoPro...if you don't have one..go get one...pronto! 

This too flippin' funny! 

Oh yeah...and I forgot to post/talk about my half finished shelves...I've slacked on them! I'll have a summer update very soon! 

I hope everyone had a lovely 4th! 

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