Friday, July 19, 2013

{Flashback Friday: Honeymoon}

Ya'll...I'll be real honest...there's a whole flippin' lot going on in Wendel Land so I'm giving myself a little break and doing a lamo post with a throw back to our honeymoon...because let's be honest...the beach would be okay right now :) 

I was slightly obsessed with the cutsey drinks in the fruit...for the first two sips...then Diet Coke please!

And I'm leaving you with this blooper...the after of me trying to get the "jumping picture"! 

Happy Friday!! 


  1. Oh man, looks amazing right now! Girls trip! haha!

    1. So there was this cute little group of women who were in their 50's {I'm guessing} who get together every other year and do a trip. They've traveled all over the world together and they were the cutest!