Monday, July 8, 2013

{Vaca To Wendelland}

Happy Monday! 

Who else is excited to sbegin a new week? 

These long holiday weekends are such a blast, but I'm always ready to get back to our normal routine! 

I'll be back Wednesday with a full Fourth of July rundown, but today I get to introduce you to two of my favorite people! 

Two of my best college friends came into town for a few days of fun! 

First, Courtney {CK} came in on Saturday evening and we went for family dinner! 

She was our photographer and snapped some amazing pictures of the whole family! 

My family is ridiculously hard to many moving little people and blinking eyes so we were all pretty thrilled with this one {even though my smile is a tad freaky...oh well!}

Sunday morning we went to church and when we got out, Amber was in town. 

{Full disclosure...Amber's real name is Amanda...the story is just too long to explain...but yeah...we call her Amber!}

We grabbed Amber and then headed out to one of our favorite pizza places, Dewey's! 

Ya''s so delicious! If you're in the's a must try...we highly recommend the Hawaiian! 

We had to snap a photo with the gorgeous Cincinnati skyline! 

The skyline is real...I promise! The filter CK used on Instagram makes it look fake...

After an afternoon by the pool, we got all dressed up for a night on the town. 

We clean up well don't we? 

We headed to Nada's downtown {where we went for our two year anniversary}

After a delicious dinner, we headed over to the new 21 C Hotel to check out the art gallery! 

After doing some exploring, we took a little drive around some of my favorite parts of Northern Kentucky! 

I just love this picture of my beautiful friend...she had me stop at one point for a little photo shoot...she's an interesting one :) 

I mean...hello identical chins...sisters?  

Then we came home, got cozy, and snuggled in to watch Pitch Perfect and sing our little hearts out...

If Amber and Courtney wouldn't kill me, I'd share some video Wendel took of us...let's just say we were having a blast...probably because of this Sangria we made :) 

Monday morning, my mom had us over for precious is she? 

Sadly Amber had to leave Monday night, but I still had a few more days with CK!

Tuesday, we met my family downtown on Fountain Square for lunch! 

How precious are these cuties? We were all entranced by the bubbles! 

Tuesday night we went to dinner with Wendel and his parents {no pictures...bad blogger!}

Then Wednesday we hung out, did laundry, packed, and met Amber and her parent's for dinner before dropping Courtney off at the airport! 

It was a perfect trip and so so necessary! I needed some girl time, and loved every second of it! 

Come back CK and Amber...please!! 


  1. You are the cutest/best hostess ever! Looks like so much fun!