Monday, July 15, 2013

{Wendel's Weekend of Fun}

Wendel and I had the best weekend ever! Seriously...I was in heaven! We had so much planned and enjoyed every single second of it together! 

Friday night we planned a double date night with Wendel's parents as a late Father's Day gift. 

We went to our local favorite, York Street Cafe, and sat on the patio enjoying the ridiculous weather stuffing ourselves with the best burgers!

There are very few burger places that I would recommend to people in Cincinnati...this is one of them...which is funny because they are not a burger place. They are simple, juicy, and completely amazing! 

2005...the year of our first the best first date restaurant in Cincinnati...had to snap a picture of this. Oh and by the way...they win almost every year. So if you have a first date coming up, take them to York Street...and you may just marry them :) we went to do some rock climbing at Climb Time

We had a belay lesson and then off we went! 

We were pros by the end...yeah right...but we can't wait to go back soon! 

Bright and early Saturday morning {okay...after breakfast and an episode of Breaking Bad}...we headed to Irons Fruit Farm! You may remember our recent adventure there last fall!  

If you're in the greater Cincinnati area, you must check this place out! It's beyond's a bit of a drive, but it's 100% worth it! 

They are a obviously they grow all sorts of yummy fruits like strawberries, peaches, apples, blueberries...the list goes on! All you have to do is check out their website for what is in season. 

You can do the U-Pick where you get a little bucket and pick as you go, or you can go into their little store and grab what they have there! 

There was no one there when we went...except for a few chickens, a few bunnies, a very large pig, and a gorgeous peacock...all just walking around freely. I was in 'Wish I Was A Farm Girl' heaven! 

Inside this cute little barn is where you can buy fruits, local honey, and freshly baked yummies! We didn't grab any this time, but in the fall a cider doughnut is a must! Mmm....fall time...who else is ready? 

During pumpkin patch time, this little cutie is carting kiddos all over the place! I die from cuteness every time! Can't wait to have our little bit in there giggling {or knowing our families history...screaming} around the farm...I get butterflies just thinking about it! 

I almost put this chick in my purse...I'm serious...

Little baby chicks...too flippin' cute!

We came to Irons to get apples {Lodi to be exact} to make applesauce, but we also picked up a few peaches and some peach cobbler mix to whip up a delicious dessert for Sunday dinner! 

We had plans on picking blueberries, but they said they were running low so we grabbed our things and hung out around the farm!  

Come on...I only I had packed a blanket...we would have stayed all day! Next year a picnic will accompany us...and maybe a baby :) That's not an little bit yet...

Guys...I want to go yesterday! Mark my words...I will own chickens at some point in my life! 

Wendel and I trucked home {with a stop at the mall to get my watch fixed...and for Chick Fil A} and hung out. Well I did...Wendel was an overachiever and mowed the grass and took a run. I laid around eating peaches and watching The Walking Dead...opps...

Saturday evening, Wendel and I took a little photography class from Ernestography that we bought off of Groupon! Ya'll he was fabulous! We learned so much and can't wait to keep practicing our skills! 

I'll be sharing some of our photos soon but here's a sneak peek of one that Wendel took...pretty decent right? I look all "I'm in a forest looking at a baby chipmunk"...very mysterious, right?

After we got out of class, we headed for a quick dinner at LaRosa's...and then home to watch more Breaking Bad {just started this addicting!}

Then Sunday was pool's finally gotten warm enough outside to use this beautiful pool of ours! And we had it packed with as many people we could pull off the street and an insane amount of pool many does one family need? Evidently a whole flippin' lot! 

Alex's mom and I peeled and cored apples to get ready for applesauce making! Sorry for the side boob shot...Wendel took this picture...I can't take the fault for that one...

And if our big pool wasn't big enough, we have a kiddie pool...which is great for the little ones! An umbrella keeps them shaded and they are happy as can be! 

Wendel and I ended our evening with more...Breaking Bad. Ya'll...when we start a's done from there! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  

I actually have some DIY stuff up my get excited for a non-life post coming soon! 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! And I know exactly what you mean about when you start a show... I just started a new show similar to Downton Abbey and it's all I think about/want to do!

    1. I tried starting Downton Abbey the other day but our internet was being sister has it on iTunes so I can't wait to start it!!