Monday, January 5, 2015

{Christmas /New Years 2014}

Happy 2015 Friends! 

I'm excited to be back and ready for some blogging action! 

I've got quite a few posts ready to go, and we're about to start the process of changing the guest room into the Little Man's about a million other projects on docket! 

So with all of that being said, lots to share! 

But before we go there...I wanted to do some reminiscing and documenting of our Christmas fun this year!  

It's funny because every year I feel like we didn't do a lot of Christmasing, but then I do this Christmas post and realize...dang...we did a LOT! 

Here's what Christmas looked like for us in 2012/2012 and 2013

And here's what New Years looked like is 2012 and 2013

And here's what we accomplished this Christmas! 

We went to see Elf the musical with Wendel's parents, and I'll was dorky. But it was a fun festive evening out with some of my favorite people! 

 Then, of course, we had our Christmasy gender reveal party! Woo hoo! 

We went to an ugly sweater/white elephant party and it was just good, stomach hurts from laughing fun. 

We were able to sneak in time to go and see Awaited with my mom. It's always a favorite of the Christmas season. 

Then fast forward a few weeks when Wendel finally finished his masters {woo hoo Wendel} and we got to do all of our normal Christmasing adventures! We headed to The Union Terminal to check out the amazing train display.

Then we braved the cold and did The Festival of Lights! 

My mother-in-law, mom, and I met a bunch of sweet ladies for a ladies lunch at The Golden Lamb in Indiana. It's always a fun and festive afternoon with some wonderful women!

Christmas Eve, I woke up, turned on the lights, and it was magical! We are so incredibly blessed! 

We had our 20 week doctors appointment {20 weeks...what?} and then we went on a little lunch date to Brio. It was so incredibly awesome! We talked about making it a tradition...we'll see how that goes next year :) 

We passed out treats to our neighbors. Notice the no was like 50 degrees! Insane! 

Christmas Eve with my family...I feel like I look almost dead here. Sleepiness has hit me hard in the second trimester!

Wendel let me open ONE present on Christmas Eve. This was a little bathtub tray for me to put my drink or book or something. I've been having LOTS of "tubby time" especially while Wendel was finishing his masters so Wendel got me all kinds of fun bathtub things! 

We also decorated a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve...we were DETERMINED to have the most magical day ever! 

Christmas morning we headed to Wendel's parents after opening up presents together at our house. We opened presents...ate presents. It was like a four hour afair and I kind of love it that way! 

Christmas evening, we always go to Alex's great-aunt's house for dinner. The view is always a favorite! 

I told you every year! Also...Wendel's hair in that first picture. Hilarious! 

New Years was pretty magical this year! In years past, we've gone to The Opryland, and gone to Florida, but this year we drove to The West Baden Hotel in Indiana and spent a fancy evening dining, dancing, and laughing with Wendel's parents. 

When we got to the hotel, we did a bit of exploring...which involved taking a little train...pretty much the highlight of the whole thing for my father-in-law. 

Then we got all fancified, and ready for the evening! 

I hate that this picture is so blurry...oh well :) 

It was a pretty incredible way to end the year! 

One thing I know for sure: next years will look MUCH different!

And I'm so excited! 


  1. So fun! Glad we got to meet up! Can't wait to see what you all do for the baby room :)

  2. That view from his great aunts house looks super familiar.. I know this is a random question but is it at harbor green?! Lol I have a Malone on the third floor where I am. Just curious :)