Wednesday, January 7, 2015

{Our 2014 To Do List: How Did We Do?}

Mmmmm...another list! I love so so much! 

I love the act of making a list, marking things off a list, adding things to said list even if I just did it so I can immediately mark it off.

Yup..I'm a list person. 

The past few years I've done a house to-do list, and pretty much every single year we fail miserably. Like if we were in high school we wouldn't have graduated.  Typically we get a nice failing grade of 50%...but hey...50% is better than 0%!

Right? No? Still sad?


You can check out how we did on our 2012 and 2013 house to-do list and giggle as our outcome was pretty much spot on in the good old year of 2014...oops!

So let's see how we did in 2014! 

1. Update The Staircase Railing {Fail}

So this turned out to be a bigger project that I I'm thinking we're going to hire this out. Every time we go to look at it again, it becomes more daunting and I start to get the sweats. And that's just no bueno people. And you'll be so happy {I'm sure you would have lost sleep tonight} that a contractor actually came by today to check this out. So hopefully the quote is for like $100 and we're in business soon! Hey...a girl can dream! 

2. Spruce Up The Sun Room {Check!}

We did this! Woo hoo! This is probably the biggest change to our house this year, and we LURVE it!  But ya' was SO MUCH WORK! Man...but so worth it! So so so very worth it! Can't wait to hang with the little man in here this summer! I envision reading,  ninja fighting, wrestling, game playing, mess making, and all that jazz. A newborn can do all of those things right out of the womb...right?

3. Install Built Ins Around Fireplace {Check!}

Amazing! Did this too! This turned out to be a bit more of a pain in the toocus that we thought, and we'd like to add some more to the other side. Now that I'm thinking about it...I'd like to add quite a bit to this...dang...maybe this isn't a check. Oh well...I'm calling this a win anyways!

Side note, this picture shows me that I owe you some updated basement photos! And that I need to add some color...pronto. I'm thinking a bright piece of artwork on the fireplace? Who knows...something...because this picture is boring! Especially compared to our "on color crack" sunroom!

4. Add Wood Detail In Basement Bathroom {Nope}

Yeah it didn't happen...but it WILL happen...sooner than later Mr. Wendel! 

5. Organize Upstairs Closets {Nada}

I already have a call in to the closet lady to start this process. We've been saving our extra money to do this, so I'm GIDDY excited to get this done! What can I say...organization gives me butterflies. Big, fat, your high school crush just winked at your in the hallway butterflies. Don't judge! Perfectly organized closets are the way to my heart! That and Auntie Anne's pretzels.

Okay...yet another side note! I ALWAYS thought that Auntie Anne's was Annie always! We walked passed there the other day {yes....I said passed...I did not partake...this time!} and I about had a heart attack when I figured it out!

It reminded me of the time in elementary school when my dad brought me outside, walked me to our street sign, to show me that, in fact, our street name was Hartweg...not "Heartwag" which is how I had been spelling it for YEARS! What can I say...I'm not a speller! My husband, family, and assistants are laughing at how much of an understatement that is! 

6. Add "Popping" Detail To The Bedroom {Thumbs Down}

Oh brother do I have BIG, HUGE, MEGA plans of the master bedroom. Ya'll...I'm so excited! And I think Wendel is even on board! Let's just say, Lelia's not buying clothes for the next year because all of our extra monies are going to home renovations! Oh yeah...and that thing we call a baby.'s a joke to think that I wouldn't buy any clothes for a year...oops!  Anyhoo...details to come!

7. Fix The Upstairs Bathroom Ceiling {Fail}

G...if you're reading better get ready because Wendel is calling soon for some weekend help on this one! I can't wait for this makeover, because it shouldn't be too terribly expensive, but will make SUCH a huge difference! I'll have more details when I share our 2015 To-Do list soon! Another list for us to fail...hehe...I'm a glutton for punishment. 

8. Do Something Fun With The Entry {Thumbs Up!}

Woo hoo! Another thing we did and this is my second favorite update...right after the sunroom! And I loved that it costed $0 and only took a few days! Amazing! 

9. Organize The Garage {Yup!}

We got this one done super early in the year! And we loved it so much, we built one for the other side of the garage! Now everything is in the garage and our attic is empty which makes getting things so much easier! 

10. Build A Pergola {Nope}

Half way through the year I was thinking...maybe we don't need a pergola. But now...I'm thinking I still want and my always changing mind. We'll see how many outside projects we actually get done before the little man arrives. 

And there you have it...our 2014 list! 

So that would be 40%...not bueno ya'll! 

But I'm hoping we get a few of these knocked out now just this year...but in the next few months! 

Baby is a-comin' and mama's got to get stuff done! 

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