Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{When I Grow Up...I Want To Be A Princess}

Happy Hump Day! I'm sorry to rewind quite a bit, but I wanted to get this fun trip documented before I forgot! 

A few days after Christmas, Wendel and I headed to Florida to spend some time with his family! 

We are incredibly blessed to have amazing families on both sides, so we were thrilled to get some time in Florida with Wendel's parents, his sister, Andi and her husband Braedon. 

It was pretty cold in Florida, but we didn't care! The beach air, the waves, and the above freezing temperatures were very welcomed! 

The big excitement of this trip, though, was Disney World! We were staying a few hours away, so we made a day trip out of it! 

Ya'll it was freezing! In Disney World! Well...not freezing...but it was about 45 degrees and we were cold! We just kept purchasing layers...expensive Disney layers! 

And because of my love of balloons...I just had to take a picture! They almost blew away on me! If only I could have brought one of these beauts home with me! 

And of course, we went to meet Mickey. We were the only ones who wanted to, so Wendel and I snuck away to get some time with the man himself! Ya'll, this Mickey totally freaked me out! 

Disney has a Starbucks on Main Street, and we were sure to hit that baby up for a warm drink!

It was pretty perfect! I used to not claim to be a "Disney person"...but I've turned into one! I would love to go every year, but the world is a big place...maybe just every other year will do :) 

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