Friday, February 7, 2014

{14 Days of Love: Part 1}

It's no secret that I absolutely love a holiday! 

My whole year revolves around the closest holiday, so when we are nearing Valentine's Day, I always get giddy and start dreaming of pink, red, chocolate, kisses, and fancy date nights. 

So to start this month off, Wendel and I decided we would each take every other day, and do something extra special to say "I Love You" with some inspiration from the ever so precious Pink Pistachio.

{All of my graphics came from Pink Pistachio...and you can find them here}

I was up first and decided to plan a little day date for us to enjoy our city! 

It was wonderful, romantic, and perfect in every way! 

Then, Wendel one upped me big time! I came home after my school's open house to a house full of balloons. 4 dozen to be exact. You may have read about my obsession with balloons here, so I was excited! So so so excited!

You know I'm super excited when I put my hands out at my sides like I'm a princess. 

There was no way I was topping balloon land {which I am proud to say it still going strong} so when Wendel came home from class, I had a lightened up version of red cream soda's waiting for him. 

Let's be honest though, cream soda's of any sort are pretty exciting! 

Wendel knows me oh so well and surprised me with this Hello shirt I died over. It's sold out, but here's a t-shirt version! I'll have a full outfit post on Monday! 

I went simple {because honestly I almost forgot} and found this printable from Pinterest. What can I say? Wendel has a nice toochie! 

Wendel did it again and surprised me with a few special goodies! A precious scarf with pink poms, some new Essie nail polish {Essie's my favorite FYI}, and this honeycomb picture frame I've been eyeing! 

We are actually celebrating Valentine's Day tonight because we will be in Birmingham to see friends the weekend of actual Valentine's Day, so I'm excited to get all dressed up and have a fancy dinner with my main man! 

Have a fabulous love-filled weekend! 

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