Sunday, November 25, 2012

{Amanda Mera...She Rocks!} Alex and I got more pictures taken! 

What can I say...we really love pictures! 

But the real reason for getting these photos is because our most favorite and amazing wedding photographer Amanda Mera with Sunny Studios might be moving away from us...and I'm sad...

Seriously though! I've imagined her taking my maternity photos and our baby's newborn photos. 

Maybe we'll just have to take a little trip to see her :)

But you might remember her from here, here, here, or here.   

So we got some fall/winter pictures with her and her lovely assistant at the Cincinnati Nature Center. 

If you're in the Greater Cincinnati Area, you need to check this place out! It's so beautiful and would be a great hiking/picnic-ing place! are some of our favorites!

I'm just a little excited about Christmas...can you tell?

I just think this is funny...

This totally describes our relationship...

Thank you Amanda! You're amazing!

I swear I have some house updates to share! I just need to get on them! I'll try...I promise! 

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