Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Real Life}

Wow...I'm a terrible blogger! It's been way too long...and I'll be honest...

I'm giving myself a break! 

There are so many times through out the week when I think

"Hm...I should probably blog this."

But this whole blog thing is supposed to be fun for me. 

Not an obligation. 

So I'm giving myself a break! 

However, I do miss blogging :)

It's a slippery slope this whole blogging thing is! 

I'll try to be back soon! I have to update on my birthday, the master bedroom, the carpeting, and Christmas decorating {I also meant to do a Thanksgiving decorating post and totally forgot...too late probably...oh well!}

So I'll be back! I promise! 

But since it's a few days until Thanksgiving...here are 10 more things that I'm thankful for the holiday season! {See my first list here}

1. Days Off. Oh thank God for Thanksgiving break! Love my kiddos, but they wear me out! 

2. Our view at night. The lights are gorgeous, and with the leave gone, it is just beautiful! 

3. My friends. I totally left this important one off my first list {to which my friends made sure I knew...love you guys!} But I really have been blessed with wonderful friends! They are supportive, forgiving, loving, and hilarious! I just wish we were all closer together! 

4. My crock pot. This puppy has gotten so much use this winter, and I love it! 

5. Our church. Crossroads does some amazing things, and we feel so blessed to be apart of such a huge community that is changing lives in our city, and around the world. 

6. Christmas...Eeeeee....Christmas! 

7. Hot Chocolate. There is nothing like cuddling up on the couch with a cup of coco to make you feel warm inside. Mmm...hot chocolate! 

8. Target. This place has given me so much information and awesomeness! I do have a complaint though...why does it all add up so fast? 

9. The color yellow. Because it just makes me feel happy. 

10. Each one of you! Thank you for reading my blog! For lifting me up. For encouraging me. And for listen while I blab on and on about useless stuff! I truly am thankful for each of you! 

Oh...and here are some pictures from a recent photo shoot with the family. Well...recent as in they happened in early October. And we already have new photos that we'll share soon. What can I say? We really love photos in this family :) Enjoy!

Meet my siblings! My brother lives in San Fran and works for GoPro, so we did a little techie picture for him! Just thought this picture was cool! 

Catch ya later! 

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  1. Such adorable pictures! We need to have a phone date sometime in the near future! :)