Thursday, November 1, 2012


With Thanksgiving in a few weeks, everyone has been posting "I'm thankful" things on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It made me think how truly bless I am. 

So since next week is my birthday, and I turn 24 {um...crazy!} I'm going to throw our 24 things that I am thankful for...even though the list is crazy long! 

1. My insanely crazy, huge, amazing, hilarious family! Truly...we're a mess! But I love the stuffin' out of every single one of them. 

2. That handsome husband of mine. He is self-less, sweet, thoughtful, helpful, hard working, and pretty darn cute! Almost 8 years I've been with this man, and I learn something amazing about him every year! 

3. My job. I am so honored and blessed to teach some pretty amazing 4 and 5 year olds. I know that God has put me in this school, in this classroom, and with these kids for a reason. It is truly wonderful to go into work everyday and be excited to see what funny things these little ones will do. 

4. My assistants! I guess this could go with my job, but I have two amazing assistants who help me daily. They are forgiving when I'm crazy and OCD, helpful when I don't even ask, and not to mention just plain ole' fun to be with. Thanks Renee and Molly! 

5. Our home. We were so blessed to find this gem, because we would NEVER have been able to afford this great of a home in any other circumstances. We have loved making it ours, and are having a blast making fun memories in each room. Parties, small groups, special dinners, babysitting, pool parties, and many many movies. This house has gotten to know us, we we feel like we know the ins and outs. And the best part is that we get to being sweet children into this home and make even more precious memories! 

6. Our! We had a near death experience this year {car wrecks are no fun} and we thank God everyday for our health and mobility. 6 weeks on crutches will do that to you! We are doing our best to be health, and pray that we never have to experience an illness like so many people have to suffer through. 

7. Our kitchen. Silly, I know but we have spent some fun times together cooking and laughing together. And our kitchen table has been the host to some pretty amazing discussions with people we love. Thankful for the growth, forgiveness, and love that has happened in that little area of our home. 

8. Our bed. Most comfortable bed ever. It's embarrassing how excited we get when we hop in bed, pull up the covers, and take a deep breath. Pure bliss I tell you! 

9. Pumpkin Ice Cream...with chocolate jimmies...from Greaters...enough said! 

10. Apples with caramel dip...because I'm eating them right now and 24 is a lot! 

11. My Wardrobe...what can I say? I like clothes! 

12. Our education. Not just college, but elementary, middle, and high school as well. We were blessed to grow up in a city who honors education. We wouldn't be where we are today without our education. 

13. Mexican food. No more explanation needed. 

14. Essie nail polish. Because it's amazing, and I just discovered it, and it actually stays on my nails!

15. Ann Taylor Loft... I am very, very picky about my pants and they are the only place that I have been able to find pants that fit me well. Love that place more than I should! 

16. Heat. Halloween night was so cold, and I had a moment where I realized that a lot of people up North were without electricity! Being warm is a wonderful thing! 

17. This is going to should SUPER cheesy...but our wedding photographer and videographer: Sunny Studios, and Lifetime Films. I am so thankful to have such amazing footage and images from such an important day in our lives. There are pictures of our loved ones that we will cherish forever, and footage of our first dance that will help us remember forever! Thanks Amanda and Matt...ya'll are amazing! 

18. Instagram. I love being able to document our lives in pictures! Something I'll always cherish...just hope it still exists for our kids! 

19. Pinterest...yes stupid...but I have gotten so many amazing idea for my classroom, recipes, home inspiration from this website! Love it. 

20. I feel like we haven't gotten enough of it lately but I love a good nights sleep! Refreshing! 

21. Diet Coke...oh I love you so much Diet Coke! 

22. Our city! We LOVE our city and where we live. It's a little un-natural to be so obsessed with a city, but we are! It's perfect with the "big city" 2 minutes from our house and the country of country 20 minutes away!'re amazing! 

23. Yankee Candles. I am so picky about how things smell and HATE {a little ridiculously  when our house smells "weird" so those candles come in handy. I literally light one the moment I walk into our home! They're amazing. 

24. Our small group. Let's just be honest...we're all a little screwed up! But we are involved in an amazing small group who likes us even though we're a total mess. They're wonderful! 

Wow...24 was a lot! But there you have it! The good, the bad, and the ridiculous! anyhoo...sware I'll be back with house updates {THE HARDWOODS AND CARPET IS DONE...and it looks amazing!} and that dang Pinterest Challenge that I keep pushing off {4 months is enough I think!} Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday with lots of fun! 


  1. #8: That's how a bed should be! I can just lay in our bed and roll around with all the pillows and blankets and just enjoy it :)

    1. I know! Mmmm...I can't wait to go and crawl in it tonight!

  2. Leila, what kind of bed do you have? We've been mattress shopping lately.

    Love your list girly!

    1. It is a pillow top from Mattress Firm. It was only $400 and we LOVE it! Would recommend it 100 times over!