Thursday, November 27, 2014

{Reflecting On The Holiday Season}

I shared a little bit on Instagram about how I was feeling this time last year, and I thought I'd elaborate a bit on the blog.

Wendel and I were really hoping to get pregnant last year at the end of August, which would mean that we could announce our pregnancy at Thanksgiving. 

His family has a huge Thanksgiving at his parents' house, and before dinner, they always count how many people are in the room. I had always dreamed of going around the room counting everyone there, and when it got to me saying "14, 15...14 and baby makes 15!" 

Now use your imagination...I have no clue what number we'd actually with me people :) 

That obviously didn't happen.

The week of Thanksgiving hit me like a ton of bricks. 

The realization that my dream was not going to happen, and that life was going on. 

I couldn't just curl up in bed and pretend that it wasn't happening. 

I needed to suck it up, move on, and be thankful for our crazy amounts of blessings. 

I think I did pretty decent. 

I made the most out of the holidays and enjoyed all of my favorite traditions. 

Going to Florida after Christmas helped get me through the season. 

But I remember so vividly praying...

"Lord, please make next year different."

I didn't know what that meant. 

But I knew I wanted it to be different. 

And boy did He follow through. 

And while I'm so thankful for our Little Bit, my heart literally breaks in two for those who are still struggling. 

I get weekly e-mails from people who have found this little blog {hello to any new readers} discussing their struggles with infertility. 

And my heart aches for them. 

I know this season will be hard for them. 

And this may be the second or third holiday season that has been hard. 

I truly hope everyone knows that we do not take this gift for granted! 

Not for a second have we felt like we deserved or were entitled to this miracle. 

But we are so incredible thankful. 

I'm excited for all of our holiday traditions! 

I literally cannot wait to finish decorating! 

And I'm thankful to walk along this journey with Wendel by my side! 

Oh and side note...a week from today we have our gender reveal ultrasound! 

We're having a party next Sunday and I cannot wait to find out! 


Happy Thanksgiving!

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