Wednesday, November 26, 2014

{Reasons I've Cried Today}

Pregnancy hormones are flippin' insane! 


I thought my hormones were out of control before I got pregnant...that was a joke! 

So I thought it would be funny to document some of the ridiculous reasons I've busted into tears lately...enjoy! 

Fortunate enough for you...Wendel captured pictures of a few of these...oh brother...this is real life ya' I'm sharing it all. Don't make fun too much! 

The Matching Straw Situation

I asked Wendel to grab me a straw for my cup and it just happened to be the same color as my just can't make it up people! I promise I was crying more in this picture...Wendel must have caught me at a good moment! 

A Lawn Mower...You Don't Cry Over Lawn Mowers?

We were driving home and I saw a man mowing his lawn with his son trailing behind him with his own toy lawn mower...oh boy tears! 

Even the mascara was was a serious one ya'll! 

Pretzel, Pretzel Who Wants A Pretzel?

This is probably everyone's favorite one so's a long story: so I went to the mall to do a little shopping and was going to meet Wendel for a late lunch. I was already getting hungry, so I decided to get a little snack. I immediately thought 'AUNTIE ANNES!' So I super fast walked over to that direction, and when I got there, right next to Auntie Anne's was Great American Cookie Company. Ya'll...I looooooove cookie cake! So the obvious reaction was to BUST into full on, crazy person, can't stop, won't stop, 'what the heck is wrong with that chick' tears. The lady at Auntie Anne's walks over and asked if I was okay. I responded through my tears "I'm pregnant and I can't decide if I want a cookie or a pretzel" and being a wise sales woman she said "aw, sweet thing, get yourself a pretzel." And I did...and it was delicious. But I'll be honest...I was ticked I didn't get a time...I'll shove both in my face at the same time. 

Victoria Secret Sleep Masks...Duh! 

I am seriously obsessed with Victoria Secret's flannel PJ sets! I order one every year for Christmas, and this year was no different. I got it in the mail, and I knew that I had gotten a free pair of matching slippers with the set. I was so excited to get it in the mail, and noticed that something was wrapped around the PJ's...once I looked was a matching sleeping mask. I don't even use a sleeping mask. But it was a perfectly precious matching sleeping mask wrapped around my perfectly amazing PJ set. And the tears FLOWED! Ya'll...I seriously cannot make this stuff up! 

So yeah...the dumbest things ever make me well up in tears!

The funny thing...haven't cried at a single Dr's appointment, ultrasound, hearing the babies heart beat, announcing we were pregnant. You know the normal things pregnant people cry over...nope...not here. Just matching Victoria Secret sleep masks and matching straws for my cup...yup...that's me! 

I hope I provided a little bit of entertainment for you on this hump day!

On a side note, if you didn't see on Instagram, I tried on one of the fake bumps at Destination Maternity and it 100% freaked me out! Like for real...what the heck?

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