Monday, November 17, 2014

{How We Found Out}

Wendel and I had been trying for a year and a half, and in August, it would mark a year from when we were actually hoping to get pregnant. 

Wendel came home one day and said "It was so crazy, all day today, I was hearing 'your wife is pregnant, your wife is pregnant, your wife is pregnant'" 

I immediately said "hey now, don't even go there."

In the back of my mind, I had a little inkling that I was, in fact, pregnant.
I had been taking my temperature every evening, and a book that I was reading said that your temperature would peek when you were ovulating and then if you conceived it would stay high. 

Well my temperature stayed high, and I was a few days late, so I figured in the morning I'll take a test just in case. 

I had taken SO many pregnancy tests, and just couldn't comprehend the idea that you could actually get a positive pregnancy test. 

I woke up at 7:00 in the morning, took one, and right away it turned positive...what the what? 

So what does any level headed person do? 

Go to Kroger and buy them out of pregnancy tests...not really...but I bought one of all they had. 

Got home, took four or five more...and sure enough...all of them were positive! 

OH.MY.WORD. was a little overkill...I'll admit it! 

Shock doesn't even describe it. 

It was more of a complete freak out. No tears. No screaming. Just an overwhelming "what the heck" feeling!

Imagine me pacing around the house shaking my hands a lot with the look of pure "WHAT?" on my face!

Wendel was super busy that day at work, so I knew I couldn't get him to come home during the day to tell I had to wait...until 3:30 when he gets off. 

I went to the gym, went to lunch with my mom {and didn't spill the beans}, and came home to wait...freaking out the entire time. 

I did stop at a local store and got a bunch of pink and blue balloons and a bottle of Wendel's favorite bourbon.

See Wendel gave up drinking until we got pregnant. My husband is no where near a big drinker, but he enjoys a bourbon or beer at night. So it was a really big deal when he randomly mentioned that. 

So I KNEW I had to reward him with his favorite. 

I was so paranoid I was going to see someone I knew. I was prepared for the whole "our friend just had twins so we're going to visit them tonight" lie. But alas...didn't see anyone I knew.

At 3:30, I got a call from Wendel saying he would be late because he was finishing something up...WHAT? 

More waiting! 


But the time finally came...Wendel pulled up, I got the camera ready...and his reaction as PERFECT!

{There's a little video in a minute with his and our parents' reactions...but for my memories...I wanted to type them up too!}

Wendel immediately dropped his keys and said "NO!"

Then he ran upstairs and kept saying "are you serious? Oh my gosh!"

It was a pretty awesome reaction.

We couldn't keep the at all!

So we called my mom and told her, and then went to Wendel's parent's house!

My mom was totally clueless at first...but she eventually caught on!

His parent's were a little more difficult!

We headed over with some balloons and we were going to bring them in and just wait until they figured it out. Well they saw us coming up the hill and came outside!

Luckily Wendel was already filming so we still got some footage of their surprise. 

My favorite part is that Wendel's dad said "NO SHIT!"

The next day I was telling that story to my mom and my niece was sitting on my lap and immediately started saying "NO SHIT, NO SHIT"...oops!

We TRIED to get film telling my family. When we did prayer before family dinner, I said prayer and said "and thank you for my baby that's inside of my belly"...but I was so nervous that I fumbled with my phone and didn't get anything! So sad!

I have to say...they didn't give a good reaction though :) I think they felt it coming so they weren't that shocked. It was still cute though to see the kids confused/excited!

We then called Wendel's sister and told her, and called our two best friends from college.

And then that was it.

We wanted our closest people to know so they could be praying and loving on us.

But then we kept it from EVERYONE until 14 weeks.

It actually went MUCH faster than I thought it would. I was shocked!

I'll have a full first trimester rundown very soon!

And here's the moment you've been waiting's a little video!



  1. Such a great video!!!! It's so awesome that you caught all those moments! Cannot wait to meet your little bit either! Love you guys!

  2. So unbelievably precious! Thanks for sharing such sweet moments.

    1. Thanks!! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little one!! Any day now! Woo hoo!

  3. Ultimate best video ever! Such an
    amazing time and capture! Congrats!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much to the sweetest most supportive Etsy shop owner EVER!

  4. Many tears watching your video. I understand your emotion. After two years of infertility, hormone treatments & four IUIs, I couldn't believe when I got pregnant with my precious Simon. No words can describe this emotion. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!
    Maggie (Simons mommy :) )

    1. Yeah infertility is no fun at all! I just think back to this time last year and how sad we were! It's insane and we feel so unworthy but thankful!

  5. Seriously the sweetest video ever! I definitely shed a few tears. Congrats to you guys, God is so good! XO

  6. What an amazing video. I didn't want it to end, haha. I am so happy for you guys, I've been following your blog for a while now, so I am SO excited to hear this news. You guys will make amazing parents.

  7. What is the name of that song?! It was so cute with the video! XO Cindy

    1. It's called Scarecrow by Alex & Sierra! They won America's Got Talent {I think that was the show}

  8. Love reading your baby posts! So fun and such an exciting time!

    1. Hehe thanks so much! It's so crazy exciting!

  9. OMG. That video! I got deep chills when Alex walked in! "So....stay in there." hahahaha I loved it! So happy for you guys and I can't wait for more posts!